My first step in truly considering animal rights as an animal lover was going vegan, of course. But as i educated myself more on animal rights I unfortunately realized there were more changes I need to make as far as product buying was concerned! Animal testing is controversial- and I'm wondering where you all stand on the issue as guinea pig owners and lovers? I can see arguments to both sides- guinea pig testing has led to vaccines for TB. blood transfusions, kidney antibiotics, asthma medications, the discovery of Vitamin C...BUT, some tests directly cause pain on the animals and they are given no pain medication. The top 5 states for this kind of testing totals over 72,000 animals AND 60,427 are GUINEA PIGS.

So what do you all think- would you consider/are you against animal testing? Would you buy products that don't test on animals specifically for that reason? Do you think animal testing is critical for humans? I know it's a BIG topic and don't want to get aggressive, just curious of everyone's thoughts!

Check out this amazing interactive map: Animal Testing in the U.S. It shows how much animal testing goes on in your state and breaks down my pick guinea pigs in the top right toggle menu.