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Thread: Writing bad reviews on petco website

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    Writing bad reviews on petco website

    So, in my spare time, I've been writing bad reviews on the petco website. I see reviews on the 3.5 sq ft pet store cages that say, "Huge cage, much more space than my guinea pig needs!" and I get pretty upset. So I've been giving the products that are bad for guinea pigs bad reviews. I hope that I can educate some more people this way. I know this sounds like a stupid thing to do.

    Do you think that this will educate unknowing people? Or is this a waste of my time?

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    Re: Writing bad reviews on petco website

    I think you're doing a good thing writing those reviews (a little time consuming) but great[emoji14]People often take a piggy because they think it's like a teddy bear, cuddle "it" and when you're done forget about it :/
    Meaning they don't really read about it or take interest in its needs (or sometimes they just don't know any better yet).
    So everybody can lern from your reviews !


    (I'm from the Netherlands please take my writing mistakes or funny way of saying things lightly )

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    Re: Writing bad reviews on petco website

    I think it's a great idea. So many people mean well for their pets but are just misinformed, and seeing other people saying something is bad might make them rethink and do a little more research. Of course it would be more effective if more people would do it, but I wouldn't call it a waste of time.

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    Re: Writing bad reviews on petco website

    I think this is great.

    I myself am an avid reader of reviews when it comes to purchasing items online. All it takes to turn me off of something is one or two well written, bad reviews. I'm sure anyone else actually taking the time to read the reviews are much the same way. This is one more way we can enlighten our New Guinea pig owners on the importance of larger cages.

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    Re: Writing bad reviews on petco website

    I'm with [MENTION=36827]HollyLeaf[/MENTION]. I always read the reviews. If there are bad reviews I do more though research.
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    Re: Writing bad reviews on petco website

    I contacted corporate and sent them a screen shot of your post .I believe they might be willing to change things if they see how GP lovers harrass their stores and website.

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    Re: Writing bad reviews on petco website

    A liar is a liar. A store allows for reviews from people who bought and used their products. No good ever comes from lying. What you did was show them how a guinea pig fanatic admitted to lying in reviews on their site. Just another reason to ignore anyone who write a legitimate complaint.

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    Re: Writing bad reviews on petco website

    Good job!! Hopefully people who read those reviews will think twice about putting there pigs in an over sized litter box!



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