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Thread: My Guinea Pigs Over the Years

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    My Guinea Pigs Over the Years

    I'll be posting photos of our newest adoptee, Miss Poogy, on her adoption thread, but getting her today made me think of my piggies over the years. Here's a quick pictorial history of my days as a piggy slave:

    Mufasa: This poor little guy was a victim of the disgusting pet trade and piggy mills. I bought him at a pet store without knowing any better, and he was dead within two weeks of a URI, but not before stealing my heart and hooking me on piggies. At the time, I didn't know how to recognize subtle symptoms, and by the time he was obviously sick, he crashed with a day. Thankfully, I came here and got educated.

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    Amy and Borat: After the Mufasa fiasco, I learned about adoption. Amy (the Abby) came from a family on Craigslist and Borat came from an animal shelter. Alas, he was missexed, so we kept them apart as you can see in the photo of their floor time playpen. We were going to get Borat neutered, but after many vet trips and finally a trip to a specialist, we learned he had a congenital defect and had to put him down.

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    Quinn: On the day Borat died, I called Petco because I thought I'd seen a bunny rescue that did events there and wanted to see if the group handled guinea pigs, too. It just so happened that someone had brought Quinn in and dumped here there that very day. They were offering her, along with all her supplies, in exchange for a donation to their charitable foundation, so I went and got her. She and Amy were buddies up until my sweet Abby girl died earlier this year. Now Quinn has her new friend, Miss Poogy, another Craiglist adoption just like Amy, and my piggy legacy continues.

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