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Thread: Petco email, any tips?

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    Petco email, any tips?

    So I'm writing an email to PETCO about the conditions the piggies are in, I would love it if anyone would take the time to read it and let me know if there is anything I should add/take out. Also if you have an especially interesting petco story that you would like me to share, please let me know. Also I'm only 12 so my grammar and spelling might be kinda crappy if you want to revise it you can but you don't have to.

    You have probably gotten many emails regarding the condition that your guinea pigs are in, yet it still seems to be an on going problem. As you may know people prefer not to buy guinea pigs, or any mammal, from a pet store. There is a very large reason for this.

    I buy all my pet supplies from your company and each time I walk into the store and see the guinea pigs my heart melts. All are in 10 or 20 gallon tanks, I believe, and already there are 2 problems. Guinea pigs should never be kept in a space that small. I understand that you cannot have each guinea pig in a 5 foot cage, but they need much, much more than a 20 gallon tank. The cages that you sell should be used, although they are still to small, it's only temporary. You are giving people false information on the sized cages they will need, your website says that they need 5 square feet, but they really need at least 7 square feet. Not only is the size a problem but tanks in general are bad for guinea pigs. The lack of air flow causes extremely dangerous, even fatal upper respiratory infects, which leads me to another problem. Sick guinea pigs are defiantly not uncommon in pet stores. Ever time someone walks into a pet store they are bound to see an unhealthy pet. It seems that all health problems are simply ignored, such as this one:
    all I had to do was search 'Petco Guineapigs' and I already found a story about a sick guinea pig whose health issues were ignored. This is a serious issue you are practically buying guinea pigs and letting them slowly die if they are not adopted before illness.

    Another problem that caught my eye was the bedding they are in. Wood shavings are a big no-no in the guinea pig world for they can also cause upper respiratory infections. If you morph the dangerous bedding and badly ventilated tanks together, well no wonder all the piggies are sick! When your guinea pigs arrive to the store you should be checking there gender much more carefully. It seems like you look at one and say, "this one looks like a girl" or "this one looks like a boy" and through it into a tank. People are ending up with 4 guinea pigs when they only wanted one. If you already have a guinea pigs then get a pregnant one you could end up with way to maney guinea pigs that could be potentially harmful.

    It breaks my heart to know that there are people cruel enough to do this to innocent animals. You let them die without a single emotion felt. You let them die so you will get paid for there death. You let them die and you don't care. No matter what anyone says, or does, this will always be animal abuse to me. This will always be animal abuse to anyone with a heart. I will no longer be buying any of your products until you treat not only your guinea pigs, but all your animals, humanly and kindly, or until you stop selling pets. Until that happens small business petstores and online shopping has never failed me. I hope you make a change. Show the world that you care. I'm not the only one with a story and I do hope you take the time to read these links too;

    I really hope you took the time to read this email and some of the links, please, please prove that you care. I won't give up until I see a change.
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    Re: Petco email, any tips?

    Billie, I am sure others will chime in with advice, I just wanted to say that I applaud your passion for animals at such a young age

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    Re: Petco email, any tips?

    Thanks, pet stores just make me so blaaah

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    Re: Petco email, any tips?

    And also welcome back piggielife I saw your thread

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    Re: Petco email, any tips?

    I applaud your effort but you need to go over that email with a fine toothed comb as there are several typos and a few incorrect uses of words (example. There, their and they're).

    Also I suggest you take out the bit about wood shavings. Certain kinds of wood shavings are perfectly acceptable as bedding. Kiln dried pine shavings and aspen shavings are frequently used. It is cedar shavings you need to stay away from but I highly doubt Pecos is using cedar. Most likely it's kiln dried pine which is safe.

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    Re: Petco email, any tips?

    Ditto [MENTION=31353]sallyvh[/MENTION]. Also, you need to break it up into paragraphs and double space between them so it's easier to read.

    To do something defiantly means to act with bold disobedience. You want "definitely."

    Also, you "throw" things in a tank. "Through" means to move in one side of something and out the other.

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    Re: Petco email, any tips?

    Wow, great passionate writing Billie! I think it would also be helpful if you add one sentence to your last paragraph that succinctly explains what you would you like them to change. For example, "You need to 1. provide proper living conditions for the animals in stores, 2. properly sex and separate animals by gender, and 3. provide appropriate care advice to customers."

    Also, one more wording fix - I think you mean "humanely" not "humanly."

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    Re: Petco email, any tips?

    Always write something like this in a Word document first so you can run the spell-checker. A spell check will often pick up not only misspelled words but also grammar errors. I think you have written a thoughtful letter and that after you make the suggested changes, it will be a fine piece of work.

    @cavycrissy is right in that you should complete the letter with what is called a "Call to Action".........meaning what you see as steps needed to solve the issue.......or at least the basic ones.

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    Re: Petco email, any tips?

    Okay everyone thanks for the tips. I haven't revised or edited yet I was going to do that later, I should have done it before I posted it on here though.

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    Re: Petco email, any tips?

    A few things:

    I agree, wood shavings are generally not good for guinea pigs, however, their standard company policy is to use paper crumbles or Carefresh. I would recommend adding the specific location of your store, because they are not following company policy if they are using wood shavings. The store's general manager is trying to pinch pennies by using the wrong bedding, and the district manager is either letting it slide or they don't care.

    Second thing:

    One of Petco's mottos is " Think adoption first". In practice, they're hypocritical about this statement, but you might tug at a few corporate heartstrings by using their own buzzwords against them. Petco does care about their adoption partners, but they don't do enough to support the adoption of exotics, even though exotic pets are as important as dogs and cats.

    Finally, I applaud your heartfelt message, buy don't be disappointed if you don't seen any changes in your local Petco. It's a business, after all, and they have a messed up way of deciding who deserves better equipment to care for their animals. They only give the"good stuff" to the stores that sell the most pets, rather than the stores that need it.

    I work at a Petco store that has animal habitats that were built before you were born. Our reptile enclosure is particularly abysmal. We've had snakes escape through holes, the metal is rusted out and stains their water, and entire rows of tanks have fallen out, which took over a month to repair.

    Guinea pig care had changed a lot since the 90s, and a lot of Petco stores haven't changed to reflect that. I'd rather they stop selling pigs than to see the customers come in for an adorable pet and leave with a Kaytee Complete Guinea Pig Kit, complete with the smallest cage and worst food on the market.

    I love the pigs at my store, and I love my boys that I got there, but it breaks my heart to see so many new babies come in when there are others out there to adopt. Think adoption first.



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