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Thread: Keeping Piggies cool this summer?

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    Keeping Piggies cool this summer?

    I'm going away for a month and my mother-in-law will be taking care of my girls.

    I'd like to give her some tips on keeping them cool as they live in a hotter part of Australia and my girls are used to cold Melbourne rain every day!

    I'm going to suggest frozen fruit, putting cold towels on top of cage etc. Anything else good?

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    Re: Keeping Piggies cool this summer?

    Putting ceramic tiles in their cage for them to lie on, and putting in frozen plastic water bottles for them to lie next to. They might not eat frozen fruit, but lots of wet lettuce and cucumber will help keep their water intake high enough. Make sure there is always enough water in their bottles; maybe have 2 bottles in case one gets blocked. Also keep them in a room where it is a comfortable temperature (air con, sea breeze through the windows etc) - if it feels too hot for you, it is too hot for them.

    Itís really hot over here in Perth at the moment too - 30 degrees Celsius and itís 5 in the afternoon! Our house somehow manages to stay fairly cool inside though, thankfully 😅

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    Re: Keeping Piggies cool this summer?

    Making sure they're in the coolest room of the house (if possible) and having a fan on to circulate the air (not directly on them). I'm also from Australia

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    Re: Keeping Piggies cool this summer?

    You can freeze water bottles and then wrap them in fleece and pop those in their cage. They'll be cool for the summer!

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    Re: Keeping Piggies cool this summer?

    Bend to grids and make a tunnel, you can cover them with fleece or another cloth and lay frozen water bottles or ice packs on top, the cold air drops down on top of them. I normally keep enough to have 3 changes a day.

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    Re: Keeping Piggies cool this summer?

    Hi lunarminx; just wondering will the guinea pigs chew those ice packs and if they do is that okay? My girls like to knock things off the top of their boxes and nibble them!



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