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Thread: Please flag breeder

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    Please flag breeder

    It even says breeder in the title! please flag
    I've seen this person post more times than I can count.
    This one looks like it's probably a breeder
    I think this is the same people but i'm not sure
    honestly people annoy me.

    Feel free to add other links
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    Re: Please flag breeder

    For the links with the white ones, it looks like at least one of the bigger piggies are pregnant, so I agree that they are most likely breeders. I flagged all 4.

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    Jun 01, 2015
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    Re: Please flag breeder

    flagged them all!!!!

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    Re: Please flag breeder

    I flagged them all!

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    Re: Please flag breeder

    Quote Originally Posted by PeanutnCookie View Post
    I flagged this one too!

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    Re: Please flag breeder

    Yay! All 4 are expired!

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    Re: Please flag breeder

    Another breeder that wants to trade all of her baby Guinea pigs for a chinchilla



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