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    Hey, I have encountered an issue with the facebook login.

    Unbeknowest to me, my old facebook account (which was hacked so I had to create a new one) was for some reason logged in. So now, I unnintentionally created two accounts on here. I DO NOT want another account on here, and have tried logging back into my other account (Katie Vetter) but I never logged in using anything other than the facebook option, so I can't remember my password. Can someone please help? I have no idea how to undo this

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    Re: Facebook login

    I don't understand. You just logged in yesterday with your old account -- are you sure you didn't just mistype the password?

    If you can get in under that account, then I'll merge this one into it.

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    Re: Facebook login

    I've used up my login quota as of right now, I'll have to try again. Thanks bpatters. I know was in here yesterday, and that was on my pc. I am on my old tablet right now and it must have still been loged into my old account on facebook. So when I came to login here, it created an entirely new account. I'll get back on my pc and try it from there. I'll post back here as my other account asap!

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    Re: Facebook login

    Thanks. When I see your other login, I'll merge this one.

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    Re: Facebook login

    Thanks so much! I have access to this account now and will be resetting the password so that this doesn't re-occur.

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    Re: Facebook login

    OK, thanks.



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