I resently adopted 3 new piggies on September 3rd. and I've noticed that my girls are gaining alot more weight than my boys.
Here is what I feed them (based off vets advice)
My three boys are between 2 and 3 months old. They are fed unlimited oxbow young guinea pig pelletes, a cup of veggies each (kale and bell pepper), and unlimited timothy hay. Sometimes they'll get a cucumber slice as a treat.
Here's before and after shots of them.
About 3 weeks ago

and today

Then I have my old boy Gizmo who I rescued from neglect on the first.
He is fed unlimited timothy hay, 1/8 cup of oxbow adult guinea pig pelletes and a cup if veggies a day ( the same as the boys)
Here's him when I first got him

And today

Lastly Here are my Girls that I adopted on September 3rd. The white one (Snow) is 8-9 months and the blond beauty (BabyGirl) is 1 year old. They get the same as Gizmo (unlimted hay, one cup of veggies each, and 1/8 cup of oxbow adult pellets each) but have gained so much more than Gizmo or my boys and I'm starting to worry.
Here's them when I got them.

And today

If Im Just being paranoid I apologize for wasting every-bodies time, but I just have this feeling that something isn't quite right.
And I also hope I placed it this in the right place because I struggled on if it should go here or the medical. If I did put it in the wrong spot I am sorry.