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Thread: So yea so when

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    So yea so when

    So yea so when will I be stop being watch it doesn't really bother me but wondering though. Oh and how do I become a admin

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    Re: So yea so when

    [MENTION=36037]MetalicPheonix[/MENTION], to become an admin, you have to demonstrate considerable knowledge of guinea pigs, and you have to be able to communicate clearly and concisely with other users on the board. Your posts are never punctuated, sometimes make no sense at all (which is why some of them never get approved), and are sometimes posted in the wrong thread. You are also very new to the world of guinea pigs.

    If you want to be an admin, on this or any other board, you need to greatly improve your writing skills, and you need to learn a LOT about the subject.

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    Re: So yea so when

    Yea I was wondering if I need that alrighty then



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