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Thread: Aussie 'Uhaul' blanket alternative in Liner

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    Aussie 'Uhaul' blanket alternative in Liner

    Ok I did it! I wasn't sure it was going to work for a second there but I made the Bunnings $10 'wrap n move' movers blanket into a fleece covered liner like the previous Uhaul blanket tutorials. Although I made a mistake washing it first before sewing. DONT! Cause almost half of it came to pieces. But I could sew it up into a pad at least! And I washed and dried it and its great! they now sleep everywhere because its so much softer than just puppy pads and fleece.
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    Re: Aussie 'Uhaul' blanket alternative in Liner

    I was wondering how you have found the 'wrap n move' movers blankets for odor control?

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    Re: Aussie 'Uhaul' blanket alternative in Liner

    Hi, We've been using it since then. It has been great! I make sure it definitely is dry by sunning it and also a quick 15min dryer time though because its so absorbent it can keep in the moisture after washing and sealed in with the fleece you think its dry because the fleece but if you squeeze it it can be cold feeling. That cold feeling is the locked in moisture still and needs to be dried more. It defiantly has to be quilt sewed so it doesn't move around in the fleece and get all lumpy I tested it on small versions and washing ruins it if its not quilted.

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    Re: Aussie 'Uhaul' blanket alternative in Liner

    Ok I've been using for a while and its been good. BUT I had to add I found a superior product VET beds (As seen in top level of cage in photo) from Sharnas Cavy Sanctuary in Facebook

    They're located in Loganholme and they have 3 other locations for order collections (must be paid for before collection around brisbane)
    Ferny hills, Greenslopes, Chermside.



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