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Thread: Gift Basket ideas - Vegetarians/ animal testing free

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    Apr 29, 2015

    Gift Basket ideas - Vegetarians/ animal testing free

    My mom's birthday is coming up and it will also be her 2 year aniversary that she has been a vegetarian.

    She is trying to watch what she eats so I can't really buy her candies and chocolates.

    I needed some ideas of a gift casket I can put together. She is Anti-animal testing so I was thinking of a basket that included something with light vegan/vegetarian snacks, and some lotions or something, I don't want to buy make up because she doesn't really wear it.

    Some idea of how my mom is: She has 8 chickens who she loves dearly, she even lets them in the house sometimes especially if it's raining. She has 3 Dogs that she owns and she also fosters. She has separate bills for squirrels and birds she makes sure they have unlimited seeds and raw peanuts.

    Any ideas would be helpful.

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    Re: Gift Basket ideas - Vegetarians/ animal testing free

    Hmmm, maybe some lush products? They are vegetarian. Or maybe you would like to make your own body products for her, here is a great website for that So maybe you could make/get her some lip balm, body butter, fancy soaps that kinda stuff.
    For snacks, maybe some freeze dried pineapple and strawberries from Trader Joe's? They are a nice little (pretty healthy) snack
    Maybe even make your own?
    This looks yummy
    Maybe a vegan cook book?

    Thats all I can think of!

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