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Thread: To neuter or not to neuter

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    To neuter or not to neuter

    My piggy is middle aged and his companion has recently passed away so I'm looking to find him a new buddy. I was originally thinking of getting him a younger boy to live with but now I'm thinking that perhaps he would be happier with a girl his own age from a rescue? Is it a good idea to vet him neutered or should i have two boys?

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    Re: To neuter or not to neuter

    I personally think you should get a female. They will be less likely to fight, but the procedure will be more costly. Eather option is great, and I think it will work out however you do it. Good luck!

    If you decide to neuter just make sure that you quarantine the male for three weeks so all the sperm can die out. How big of a cage are you planning to use? For two males the preceded cage size is 2x5

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    Re: To neuter or not to neuter

    My piggy just turned four and was neutered 3 weeks ago after his cage mate died. He came through with flying colors! They initially charged me for critical care but then decided to take the payment off because he was eating on his own IMMEDIATELY following surgery! The vet told me to wait 6-8 weeks so he still has a while to go [emoji17]



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