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Thread: What NOT to do for your guinea pigs!

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    Re: What NOT to do for your guinea pigs!

    There are always options other than pet stores. There are rescues and shelters and CraigsList and Kijiji and ads in the newspapers for people looking to rehome them. Anywhere there are pet stores selling guinea pigs there are people wanting to get rid of them.

    Most of the major guinea pig sites will help arrange "piggy trains" to get pigs from one area to another when someone wants to adopt them. I personally drove 300+ miles each way to get the first three I had, and the last two came from nearly that far, but someone delivered them to me.

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    Re: What NOT to do for your guinea pigs!

    Edited by bpatters: Paragraph had nothing to do with guinea pig care.

    If you did need to rehome your guinea pigs makes sure You Do Not Offer them for Free as most guinea pigs that are offered Free are usually offered as Snake Food for their snakes along with sometimes for people who like to eat guinea pigs . Always request money in rehoming events .

    Do not just hand your guinea pig off to a willing adopter who has the money without double checking to make sure they are properly educated about guinea pigs .
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    Re: What NOT to do for your guinea pigs!

    Quote Originally Posted by lattiee View Post
    As I would buy a guniea pig from a pet store as to me that is like rescuing them from a neglecting home enviroment after all most guinea pigs that end up on classified ads , in rescues, or even shelters are from a pet store
    There is a HUGE issue with this kind of thinking.

    Yes, you will be "saving" that pig and giving it a good home, but what does that action do? Purchasing that guinea pig helps feed the supply and demand for more baby guinea pigs. Everyone buying pet store pigs has now just enabled the store to order another shipment. Which now means more sows are being bred in mills to supply the demand for more baby guinea pigs. In reality you're not helping much, you have saved one guinea pig but now condemned two more; the sow to be bred and the new baby that will take it's place.

    Yes, almost all rescue pigs have come from the pet store, but at least if you adopt you are not supporting the store financially or feeding the supply and demand chain. When you adopt a pig from a rescue you are potentially saving two lives; your new pigs life and you have now opened up a space in the rescue for them to save another pig.

    Adoption or choosing a pig/s that is being rehomed is always the best option.

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    Re: What NOT to do for your guinea pigs!

    I'm closing this thread. It's degenerated into a discussion about buying pigs, and that wasn't the original intent.



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