I need to rehome my two boys. I have two girls (diff cages) and two boys. Now the two boys, well they came with a pregnant pig we adopted initially and she passed away a few years ago.

We can't keep the boys anymore because we are looking at getting posted to Ottawa, and we'll need to sell our house. You're like "Why should that stop you?"

Well, boys have the stank for one, 20 minutes after I clean their cage it's WHOOOF nasty. for two, since we'll be putting our house on the market I'll have to clean both cages every day, instead of every three like I'm doing now, to keep the smell down, my back can't handle that.

I have arthritis in my spine. It's getting worse as the years go on, and the way the cage is set up, I have to get down on the floor to get the boys for cuddles/cleaning and I can't do that every day. Not until the house sells. My back can't even handle picking them up every day.

We don't have the room to break the cages and put the other one up. It's a double decker 2x4

So I would really like for the boys to go go a home that can give them the love, attention and space they deserve.

Here are some videos and pictures of the boys. The black and white one is Rhodey, the brown/tan/agouti one is Tony




https://instagram.com/p/1OtoTPLQnn/ *I called Tony bad piggie because it took seven tries to get that shot.*

I'm in Nova Scotia. I can drive as far as Truro, Digby, or Bridgewater to meet if you can't come to the Valley.

I want to try here first because I don't want to give them to someone who will just stuff them in a pet store cage and ignore them.

They're getting ignored enough due to my health issues.