Hello fellow guinea pig lovers, My name is Kayla and I have three guinea pigs--Moo, Nina, and Reese, all female. Moo is a little over a year old and Nina and Reese are about 7 months old. I rescued Moo from being jumped around from house to house throughout her life, and I couldn't love her more {:. After I got into the swing of having a guinea pig, I decided to get her some friends, and that's where I discovered Nina and Reese. I got them from Petco, and a few days after having them quarantined at home, I noticed signs of a URI in Reese. Since Nina and Reese had always been housed together, I took them both back to the store to get checked out by the vet. Reese as confirmed for a URI and pink eye, whereas Nina was completely healthy. They were separately quarantined at the store for a little over a week, and since Nina showed no signs of any sickness, I brought her back home. I quarantined her from Moo for a few weeks to make sure she stayed healthy, and she passed the test. Moo and Nina were introduced for the first time yesterday, and after two little tiffs, they are happily being caged together {:. I have never seen Moo popcorn until she had floor time with Nina. I was so happy for her! Reese should be ready to come home later this week, but will obviously have to be quarantined for a while longer from Moo and Nina. I have a C&C cage built so I can eventually house all three of them together. The vet says Reese is doing fantastically and there should be no more problems with her health {:

So that's my guinea pigs and me, but I have a random question. How do I post a thread or a question? For example, I have an (another) allergy question and I do not know where to ask it because searching for threads has me coming up blank! Any and all help is appreciated {: