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    Going Vegan

    Alright, I've been a vegetarian since I was 9 (I'm 29 now), but being vegan has always been really difficult for me. I'm really picky, and milk products make up the majority of my diet. I could easily do without eggs, but milk is hard. I buy my milk, and milk products, from a local farm that grass fed cows and you can go and watch the whole process. They are very transparent, and their milk is hormone free. However, I feel hypocritical because while they take great care of their animals they still support animal slaughter through their practices. It's the mentality, "my animals have great lives with one really bad day (slaughter day)". So, after deep soul searching, and a lot of reflection on the large quantity of vegan products available in the grocery store now, I've decided I'm officially going vegan (again). Any suggestions on how to stick this time? I love ice cream, and chocolate milk. I eat cereal and milk for several meals each day, and I hate all milk alternative (i.e. almond milk, coconut milk, and soy milk). I'm actually allergic to milk, and I still consume it because of my love of ice cream and chocolate milk. There are decent cheese alternatives now(although not as good as real cheese). I'm also worried about over consumption of soy, which is high in estrogen.

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    Re: Going Vegan

    I can't help with most of your questions since I have not made the vegan leap myself. However, there is vegan ice cream out there and it's really delicious.



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