Hi guys! I have 2 piggies, Scamp and Peeve. About 4 months after I got Scamp (and when I got her she was full grown but less than a year old) she had her first instance of blood in her urine.

I'll spare you the long story but let's just say 4 vets, a urine culture, urinalysis, ultrasound, xray, and exploratory spay and about $2000 later my poor Scamp still has chronic blood in her urine. It is not stones, she was negative for a UTI and they saw nothing abnormal with her reproductive system or bladder. She is a medical mystery.

But she seems to be in pain OCCASIONALLY when she has blood in her urine (which is not every day, but is fairly often). But she eats, drinks and plays with her brother.

I'm just afraid every time I see it, this is the time something awful Will happen. I give her metacam whenever she has a flare up though I'm not sure it helps.

Does anyone have any input on this? Thanks for reading!