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Thread: First-time nail/claw trimming

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    Oct 14, 2014
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    First-time nail/claw trimming

    Hi everybody, as a first-time guinea pig owner, I'm unsure about the best method to trim my boys' nails. They've become a little long and have begun to curl just slightly. I purchased the correct clippers form my local pets at home and plan to do it, with the assistance of my partner, in the next few days. So, I have a few questions, I'd be really grateful for your help.
    1) how much nail should I trim?
    2) My guineas wont sit or stay for me, so I was planning on getting my boyfriend to hold them securely, whilst I trim - is this a good idea?
    3)How do pigs respond to nail trimming?

    Thank you for your help everybody, Jamie

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    Re: First-time nail/claw trimming

    Here's a video from skinnypigs1 explaining it:

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    Re: First-time nail/claw trimming

    My guinea pigs react the same way Ernie does. I clip my pigs nails the same way Skinnypigs1 does it, however I don't file my pigs nails down. It is hard enough getting them to hold still long enough to just clip them.
    Who needs children when you have fuzzy babies? :)

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    Re: First-time nail/claw trimming

    I find that with my squirmy pigs that if you do 1 foot (or 2 if they'll hold still long enough) and then put them back and come back a bit later and then do another foot and then put them back and so on, they're less squirmy. One of my pigs hates getting his nails done and will bite me if i try to do all 4 feet in one sitting. I used to do it one foot at a time when i was just starting out and learning how to do all their nails too.

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    Re: First-time nail/claw trimming

    For my piggy I started clipping his nails with a person nail clipper (you can do it that way) because it was more comfortable for me but then I seiches to the piggy clipper and put my boy kinda standing on his back feet and between my legs a little to keep him from squirming so I don't cut a toe off[emoji6] but if he starts squirming he gets put down to chill for a little.

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    Re: First-time nail/claw trimming

    I distract my piggies with carrot and hold them on their back whilst my mum cuts their claws

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