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  1. General: Re: What have you called your guinea pigs please???

    10 Girls:
    ~ Blossom
    ~Cinnamon and Vanilla(mother, daughter pair)
  2. Fur: Re: How can I keep my white hair furry friend clean???

    One of my pigs, who is all white, had yellow stains all down her belly when I first got her. She was living in wood shavings and is now on fleece, so the stains disappeared since the fleece wicks the...
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    Sick: Re: My guinea pig is acting weird.

    It didn't look like she was trying to walk, she was just standing there and all of a sudden started jumping. She has been feed oxbow hay and pellets, but just got recently switched to Small Pet...
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    Sick: My guinea pig is acting weird.

    One of my guinea pigs started acting weird today. She was standing in one spot and started to hop, but it wasn't the same jumps when she popcorns and it was only her back feet. Also, my best friend...
  5. C&C: Re: Reviews on the Kitchen area for c&c cages? Good or bad?

    I love having a kitchen; it cuts down on the amount of food and hay spreading throughout the cage. Also, they poop and pee in it a lot, but I don't count it as extra room since they just eat and poop...
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    General: Re: Hay Rack Help....

    I had the same problem with hay getting everywhere and on everything, so I switched up hay racks to the same one as Roo99 and it works amazing!
  7. Popcorning: Re: What is the thing your Guinea pig Popcorns the most to?

    When the cage is being clean, the baby gets all excited and popcorns around like she is a bucking bronco and races up and down the ramp. It is the cutest thing ever.
  8. Fighting: Re: One pig fighting all the rest. Don't know what to do.

    We aren't totally sure how old she is, but the vet guess around 1 or 2. How big of a cage would be good from 5 pigs?
  9. Fighting: One pig fighting all the rest. Don't know what to do.

    My best friend and I own 5 guinea pigs(all females) and all get along pretty well expect for one. We got her from a lady who didn't want her and the other piggy she lived with, so we took them. They...
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    C&C: Re: How much does a C&C save you?

    I don't really think about how much money it saves me, just that my pigs are a lot happier. I honestly feel that pet store cage are inhumane for one guinea pig and especially for two or more. The...
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    Aggression: Re: Intro didn't go so good :( HELP!

    That introduction is normal even though it doesn't seem like that to us. They are just trying to decide who is dominate. I have 5 piggies and two of them still do that. Make sure where your...
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