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    Vegetables: What veggies can they eat?

    I was just wondering what veggies are suitable to give my guinea pig each day, and what veggies are suitable once a week, etc?

    Could I feed her.. Cucumber, Bell Peppers, Little Gem Lettuce, and...
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    Skin Problems: Does my piggy have mites? HELP

    I have a piggy called Josh, who is a rescue, but I do not know how old he is, but if I had to say, I would say he is around five maybe. Anyway, a few months ago we went on holiday and we dropped the...
  3. Fleece: Re: Throwing away dirty fleece after only 2 cleans!

    I sweep my fleece up 2 to 3 times a day (spot cleaning) then every four days clean the cage. I shake and sweep the fleece outside, then put it in the washing machine, without any human clothes. At...
  4. Conditions: Re: Why is my guinea pig bald on his belly?

    Thanks for all the replies :) What should I do to up the Vit C he's getting? Which veggies are best?
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    Re: Hey I'm New!

    They are a Self Red and a Dutch/Roan and I've had them for about three years :) Are you going to use fleece in your cage? Fleece is a great bedding as you can do so much with it. I recommend getting...
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    Re: Hey I'm New!

    Hiya, welcome to the forum. I used to own a Syrian hamster called Galaxy, he lived for 2 1/2 years, then I got some piggies! What kind of information are you looking for? :)
  7. Conditions: Re: Why is my guinea pig bald on his belly?

    He was a rescue so whether he was treated before we got him I don't know. Should I take them to the vets to see or buy some mite powder, cream, etc from somewhere. I cant see any mites or flea...
  8. Conditions: Why is my guinea pig bald on his belly?

    At the end of May, roughly, I went on holiday and dropped my pigs off at a family member's house for a week. The cage they were in was very small, and crowded, and of course it was a stressful...
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    Cage: Re: opinion on coroplast kitchen

    I have a 2x5 with a 1x2 loft I use as a kitchen. The liners at the moment are not working in the kitchen (they do in the main level) so I'm covering the liners with strips of fleece and a fleece pad...
  10. Size: Re: 2x4 seems a bit small for my two boys

    I have a male and a female in a 2x5 with a 1x2 loft, and that seems big enough for them, apart from the loft which can sometimes be hard to fit in a big hay rack, bottle, bowl and enough space for...
  11. Fleece: Re: Anyone else's piggies hate the fleece forest type hidey?

    Mine love it! I have strips coming down almost to the floor on either side, but in the middle I just have tasseled I tied on that come about halfway down so that they can sit in the middle row...
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    Hay: Re: Large amount of hay

    I have never had that problem, although it's possible that they have gone in without me noticing

    I don't really know the answer, but just a wild though, what about fly mesh? They use it to keep...
  13. Re: New to the forum and a soon to be piggie owner!

    Welcome to the forum and the world of Piggy Parenting! They are so much fun! Have a browse around, thanks for adopting and building a C&C cage! Many people go for pet stores and small cages :(

  14. Animal Welfare: Re: Other species and pigs living together.

    Just a quick message,

    It's like having a alien species in your home! You cannot communicate with it, it has different medical, diet, housing, grooming, dominate, needs, different personality....
  15. Animal Welfare: Re: Other species and pigs living together.

    I seen the vid... so depressing! :(
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    Re: Newbies looking for LOTS of advice

    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    I may not be able to help loads as I'm in England, but hopefully I should give you a little advice :)

    With the coroplast, the best place to look may be the...
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    Re: "Honey, where did the rabbit go?"

    Aww! Haha :)
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    Genitals: Re: Gender help plz

    It is hard to tell with newborn pups. It is easier after a few weeks. About these 'responsible owners' how do you know they will take care of the pups, what accommodation have they got set up?
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    Re: The Guinea Pig Story (game) -read rules!

    A shiver went down his fluffy body as he looked at the eyes, glowing green in the darkness of the cave. He heard a low growl. 'Lissa...?' (carrying off from chewyguneapig)
    chewyguineapig thats...
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    General: Re: What breed?

    Umm, try and get a closer pigture. But yeah, a bit like a teddy!
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    Bonding: Re: Separate but equal [lap times].

    Exactly the same for me!!!!! :)
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    Bonding: Re: Separate but equal [lap times].

    I have one at a time out. My male gets the jitters sometimes due to his past life. I can't handle both!
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    Photos: Re: Show me your piggy

    Oh my! I love all these pigs!
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    Re: The Guinea Pig Story (game) -read rules!

    'Oh, said Lissa, still a little shocked. Thank you! Dylan wheeked happily :) (I didn't really know what to say :) )
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    Bedding: Re: which bedding should I choose

    I've used hay, and pine shavings before.

    Hay - Hay and newspaper STANK like you wouldn't believe! Newspaper doesn't absorb, and the urine stinks! Not only that but the hay is extremely messy and...
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