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    General: Re: Is Floor Time Necessary?

    As I understand it, the purpose of floor time is essentially two-fold: 1.) you are providing extra enrichment by providing a change of environment for mental stimulation and 2.) you are providing an...
  2. Fleece: Re: Fleece not wicking...tried everything.

    I've had a similar experience with some anti-pill fleece I got from JoAnn's; it was this really cute pattern that I really wanted... but it just NEVER wicked. I bought 2 other anti-pill fleeces along...
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    Hay: Re: Hay too old?

    I've bought hay before that turned out to be trash. It was also very rough/crunchy and extremely dusty. It caused me to start itching and breaking out and my sinuses to start closing up almost...
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    Diet: Re: Lettuce

    Yes, but see, according to the articles, we only store vit A compounds that come from meat, such as organ meats. The vit A compounds that come from plants are different compounds, and the body...
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    Diet: Re: Lettuce

    This article is kinda lengthy. Here's a non-scientific journal article that more succinctly explains the difference:
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    Diet: Re: Lettuce

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think only animal-sources (meat sources) of vit A can build up to dangerous levels. Plant-based sources of vit A are chemically different and processed by the body...
  7. Urine: Re: Blood in cage, excessive drinking, possible stones

    Glad to hear that your piggy is feeling better! Enrofloxacin (baytril) is considered a more heavy-duty type of antibiotic, and it's the one that most pigs are going to have difficulty with if they...
  8. Newborn Pups: Re: Help with sexing, feeding, and info on neutering my new pups

    If they were mine, I'd ask the vet about getting a prophylactic antibiotic to give post-neuter, just to help avoid any potential issues with infection. Casper was neutered back in January, and...
  9. Play: Re: New pigs aren't interested in floortime

    Floortime works a little bit differently at my house. I have always had 2 areas set up specifically for pigs: the "pigpen", which is their actual cage that I built and have raised up off the...
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    Vet Costs: Re: Good Vet Fund?

    As the previous poster said, costs will vary considerably depending on where you live.

    One thing that I did was actually call up the vet clinic where I take my pigs and ask about potential...
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    Brands: Re: A message from KMS Hayloft

    Oh, how sad to hear...
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    Weight Loss: Re: Adopted severely underweight pigs

    Casper and Poptart were both underweight too, when I got them from a shelter this past November. They had been rescued from a hoarding situation and the shelter had only had them a few weeks. ...
  13. Vet: Re: How often did you have to take your guinea pig to the vet in his/her lifetime

    I take mine as-needed and try to maintain a generous vet fund. Overtime, holiday pay, birthday money, tax refund -- it all goes to the pigs! :D

    My first Age of Pigs involved 4 pigs that I had...
  14. Fighting: Re: My guinea pigs are fighting - AGAIN.

    That does seem rather late to be having puberty-related aggression issues, although have heard that puberty can last up to age 2.

    The fact that the behavior stopped and they relaxed once they...
  15. Conditions: Re: Casper's Medical Thread: lesion on testicle

    I've kind of noticed it for a while now, but never really thought much about it: the bottoms of Casper's hind feet are sometimes really bright red. It seems to come and go a little bit, but now...
  16. Abscess: Re: Poptart's MedicalThread: Abcess under chin

    I flushed the abscess again last night, and it already looks a lot smaller than it did. Didn't get any pus out, just a small amount of blood. Poptart handled it a lot better this time, too. I still...
  17. Abscess: Re: Poptart's MedicalThread: Abcess under chin

    Here's some pictures from this evening, after he was treated at the vet.



    I boiled up some saline solution and I did flush it out, followed by cleaning the outside with betadine....
  18. Abscess: Poptart's MedicalThread: Abcess under chin

    So, Poptart and Casper got into a little bit of a fight Thursday morning when I removed all the stuff from their cage to catch them and bring them out into the floor pen. It wasn't anything too...
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    Hay: Re: Who has good hay right now?

    I had not seen it! Thank you for the link!
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    Hay: Who has good hay right now?

    I know it's a bad time of year to be hay shopping, but I'm trying to get my supply restocked on the chance that corona virus starts to affect shipping across state lines.

    I just got a 60-lbs box...
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    Chat Re: Anyone Else get Annoyed...

    This is what I miss about being a vet tech -- the confusion between hamsters, rats, gerbils, guinea pigs, etc never existed when I used to work with animal-people! lol Now that I work in the...
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    Chewing: Re: Safe HARD chew toys...

    I think all my pigs have chewed on things like the entrance to pigloos and their hard plastic stool as a way of marking territory. Guinea pigs have scent glands inside their cheeks. I've never...
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    Cleaning: Re: My new favorite cleaning tool

    Intriguing! I might have to get a pair to try! I'm really sick of brushing hay and hair off of fleece using my little dustpan broom; it just isn't very efficient.
  24. Conditions: Re: Took my piggies for a check up on ringworm....but

    I recognize the benebac and the Baytril, but what's the name of the lotion?? Can't quite read the label...
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    Re: Meet Buttercup and Buddy!!!

    They're beautiful! Congratulations!
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