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    Sad: Re: pigs wont eat after other passed

    I'm sorry to hear your piggie passed away. This link has some very useful tips on helping a lone pig after their cagemate has passed away:
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    Diet: Re: Calcium?

    I agree with @Soecara Saskia does sound like she has done some research on the subject (I really wish she had referenced her sources in the video), but much of what she says seems to be opinion...
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    Re: Pig Sitting Conundrum!

    I agree that having the pigs stay with your friends sounds like the best option.

    A 20-minute drive is nothing. I adopted 2 of the 4 pigs I've owned in the past from Knoxville, a 2-hour drive from...
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      Cage: Re: Let's see your cage Pictures please.

    I'm going to be trying out fleece over a layer of wood pellets this time around, because I've heard so much good stuff about it. This was the only suitable brand I could find locally about 10 minutes...
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      Cage: Re: Let's see your cage Pictures please.

    And the whole thing is set up on top of 2 IKEA lack tables and, at my Mom's back-saving suggestion, pulled out a foot or so from the wall so I can get behind it for easier cleaning access:

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      Cage: Re: Let's see your cage Pictures please.

    Thought I'd show off photos of the PigPen, mark 3! It's all ready for piggies! Just got a little more saving up to do; I'm hoping by the end of the holidays I'll be ready! :D

    So at first I was...
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    Treats: Re: Piggies and Pumpkin questions

    This is mostly a guess, but I would think the actual hard, pulpy part (the part between the skin and the goop) is probably what is eaten when people eat pumpkins. I mean, pumpkin is a winter squash,...
  8. Re: San Antonio Hunks Pose with Adorable Guinea Pigs for 2020 Calendar Benefitting Lo

    Hahaha, what a fun idea!lol
  9. Re: I'm sorry, baby Punkin. I love you.

    Words cannot express how sorry I am to hear the news... I know we have all been following your journey with Punkin these past weeks, and we were all really hoping for a better outcome. You both...
  10. General: Re: Can Chewing the Bars Hurt their Teeth?

    Bar biting is never a good thing, and it can absolutely damage their teeth. Doesn't matter at all whether they're using their incisors or their molars (although I doubt they're using their molars --...
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    Not Eating: Re: Punkin's medical thread

    I agree with MerryFriarTuck. You've worked so hard the past several weeks to help get him better and your dedication is an inspiration. If you're not ready to give up and he's not ready to give up,...
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    Re: Popcorn something beautiful

    I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in peace, Popcorn
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    Mites: Re: fleas? or mites? maybe both!

    Sounds like it's probably fleas, as mites don't jump and fleas are celebrated jumpers. If your pigs aren't showing any symptoms of being very irritated by the fleas yet, you might be able to treat...
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    Crusty Eyes: Re: Stain in Corner of Guinea Pig's Eye

    I second trying the anti-fungal shampoo. Flower had kind of a chronic, mild dandruff/shedding/itching thing going on and it seemed to help her to be bathed with Nizoral shampoo.
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    Urine: Re: Collecting a Urine Sample

    That should be enough. I used to be a vet tech and I would occasionally check urine on my own pigs at work. It's not a lot, but I could always make 1 mL work!
  16. Behavior: Re: New Guinea Pig - Skittish / Snapping / Dominance Behavior

    Have you also tried sitting in the room with the pig cage for a long time and just staying still and quiet until he comes out? I would park myself next to the pigpen and just watch a movie at low...
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    Not Eating: Re: Sudden Guinea Pig Death

    I'm very sorry for the loss of your piggie. To answer a few of your questions: yes, they can chew on cardboard as long as they don't eat ridiculous amounts of the stuff and yes, they can eat snap...
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    Bonding: Re: Resource credibility?

    Can you post a link to the video so we can get a better idea of exactly what she is suggesting?

    I have learned that with young pigs that are still getting used to being handled, when I go to put...
  19. How Many: Re: Do I keep a mom and baby together?

    That was my thinking, too. Pigs that are directly related tend to have a better chance of getting along than two unrelated pigs. Plus, since one is the mother of the other, the dominance ranking is...
  20. How Many: Re: Do I keep a mom and baby together?

    I would think taking baby's mom would be a good solution. You can always wait and get another female from a different litter, but since mom and baby are directly related and already know each other,...
  21. C&C: Re: Minimum wall/grid height for open C&C?

    Yeah sorry, I kinda made that unnecessarily confusing with the way I worded it. :p

    Basically, I've got 3 lack tables available, a 70" x 38" sheet of 1/2" plywood that my dad custom cut for me,...
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    Conditions: Re: Helppp!!

    @hermiwormi : I suggest this forum as an excellent resource on hamster care: Taught me everything I knew when I had my little Blueberry!

    A male hamster's testes...
  23. C&C: Minimum wall/grid height for open C&C?

    So, I'm working my way towards beginning a Second Age of Pigs (after being pig-less since Tribble passed away and my fosters went back to the rescue a little over a year ago), but the gears are...
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    Not Eating: Re: Scooter's medical thread

    Sending well wishes your way for both your boys, Guinea Pig Papa
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    Vet: Re: Annual exam needed?

    I never took mine for annual checkups. Only if there was something wrong.
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