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    C&C: Re: Cage Size Question

    Great Thank You!

    Would a 2x6 be large enough for the girls?
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    C&C: Cage Size Question

    Hi All,

    I am looking to build a new cage for some rescue guinea pigs we have at the moment. We have 5 girls and 2 boys. Our space is 1.5metres x 2.3metres. In feet this is: 4ft 11inches x 7ft 6...
  3. C&C: Re: Looking to purchase a C&C cage, how is it shipped?

    Great, thank you so much! Are the grids or coroplast bubble wrapped or anything? Or are they just shipped in the box? Thank you :)
  4. C&C: Looking to purchase a C&C cage, how is it shipped?

    Hi Everyone,

    I am looking to purchase a new C&C cage from the guineapigcages store. As I am overseas does anyone have any pictures of the box it comes in? Or how its packed? Images would be great...
  5. Re: Fellow Aussies! Which hay and pellets do you feed?

    I feed these for my rabbits. The Nature-T pellets are however 100% made from hay. No additives, no preservatives basically just fortified timothy hay. The only all natural pellet I have found. I...
  6. Re: Fellow Aussies! Which hay and pellets do you feed?

    I get mine from: Guinea Pigs Australia

    Also discovered a new Timothy Hay supplier in Australia other than Oxbow! Momi Australia - Index. I've ordered some second cut timothy hay from Momi, so...
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    Re: New Zealand Oxbow Club??

    Hi Kiwi!!

    I think its a great idea - however I have inquired back in 2006 (before oxbow was in Australia) about importing the products.

    I am not sure about NZ importation laws but in Australia...
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    Re: Found Cubes In Canberra Bunnings

    Thanks Rob! My cousin lives in ACT and has been looking for cubes for a while :D
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    Hay: Re: Hay in AUSTRALIA?


    I feed my guinea pigs Meadow hay which is a type of grass hay. My pigs love it. Next best thing to Timothy which you cannot get here at all unless its shipped from the USA. Do you have any...
  10. Medications: Re: Need Help Fast Vet Has poisoned my Guinea Pig

    Im taking him to another vet. Ive arranged with the Australian Vetrinay Association to file a complaint and have her suspended or her license taken away.

    Kept him warm, ciritical care throughout...
  11. Medications: Need Help Fast Vet Has poisoned my Guinea Pig

    The vet I saw orally fed him CEPHALEXIN and gave 0.25 ml to him orally.

    I always look up all antibiotics given to my pets. And I discovered to my shock and dismay that the antibiotic she...
  12. Re: I honestly had no idea that people do this....I never even imagined it was possib

    One of Australia's main exports and sources of economic growth includes sheep, export of wool, cattle and dairy. In order for Australia to sustain these sources of income we have to maintain large...
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    Won't Eat Veggies: Re: Not wanting veggies

    Another tip for getting picky piglets to eat their veggies is:

    Sprinking the veggies with fresh orange juice (simply squeeze the juice from a fresh slice of of orange) - do not use artificial...
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    Re: Sir Charlie-Parsley


    I'm sorry for your loss. Charlie was a beautiful boy and im sure he will remain loved and treasured in your heart forever. His keepsake box is gorgeous just as he was in this life.
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    Re: Pig sitter required!


    Yes I haven't been on here in ages as well! Looks very different but I still like the theme.

    Yes ive tried bree at the care rescue and ive also tried the rescue at wollongong. I've rung...
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    Re: Pig sitter required!

    Thanks for the reply,

    I've had Jess help before in getting my pig sitter now, but not many people seem to help to be able to take them in. I''ll email her again. :optimist:

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    Pig sitter required!

    Hi everyone,

    Have not been on the forum in ages due to alot of things... but I need someone who would be willing to look after my guinea pigs for me while I move house.

    I was planning to...
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    Re: She just passed away

    I know that words can't take the hurt away.. she was simply stunning. You gave her a wonderful life and one day you'll see her again over the rainbow bridge.

    Rest in peace sweet maria im sure...
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    Re: My sweet baby girl is gone..

    Thankyou so much all *HUgs* I made a memorial video of her with the song ''little wonders'' by Rob Thomas. She is being cremated and I will be passing down her ashes to my children and it will...
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    My sweet baby girl is gone..

    Tonight I found my dear sweet caremal dead in her cage... I wish with all my heart and soul that she was back here safe in my arms. I loved her so much and can only pray she is happy now over the...
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    Re: My sweet Amelia.

    *Hugs* Slap. My thoughts and prayers are with you. She will always be alive in your heart and mind, and just remember the happy memories you had with her. I know it will be hard, but know we are all...
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    Re: I am so very sad

    Take comfort in knowing you gave her a wonderful life. I'm sure she was very happy with you, don't dwell on what you could of done or if you missed anything.

    You need to know that lilly would...
  23. Re: Where do you keep your cavies indoors or outdoors?

    If they are to be housed in an outbuilding i.e. shed or similar, please ensure that it is temperture controlled, adequate ventilation and light, and constant human monitoring.

    It should have...
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    Re: Grass and hay?

    Thanks all,

    I'll be sure to pass on that information now as well, you've both been a great help!
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    Grass and hay?

    Hi all,

    I've been asked this numerous times by some owners and was wondering if anyone could give me an answer.

    ''Can you just feed grass instead of grass hay?'' and ''Why do you need to...
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