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  1. Thread: Our boys

    by Soecara

    Re: Our boys

    Cute boys!

    Male guinea pigs typically weigh more than females. I've had some boars that were up around 1500g, these were long solid boys. I've also had some other boars who were around 850-900g,...
  2. Re: My 2 years old guinea pig is probably pregnant!

    You might be thinking along the wrong lines when it comes to the cost of neutering a guinea pig. The surgery is more complicated (guinea pigs have an open inguinal canal which most other animals...
  3. Re: My 2 years old guinea pig is probably pregnant!

    Older sows can still successfully birth for the first time, if they have several smaller pups the chances are good, if they have one or two bigger pups they are much more likely to get stuck. There...
  4. Mouth: Re: Need help Can anyone tell me what this could be on his lip?

    Without being able to look at it in person it could be a number of things, it could be dry skin, it could be an old scab, but i think it is most likely to be a bit of dried boar glue.
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    Biting: Re: Gloves piggies can't bite through?

    I had a sow who had similar issues (would bit so hard i would be bleeding), I would wrap her up in a towel and only have the foot i was working on poking out. No more biting and she seemed a lot...
  6. Thread: About the dust

    by Soecara

    General: Re: About the dust

    Hi. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe English is not your first language and you may be using a translator application? Your question is very unclear and doesn't make much sense. I don't know...
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    Infection: Re: I need help identifying an issue

    I have had guinea pigs with two different colored nipples before, don't worry unless it looks crusty or there is discharge from it.
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    Hair Loss: Re: Found A tuft of fur, why?

    I wouldn't be super concerned by just the one tuft. It may simply be an old scab coming off from a small nip from another guinea pig. Just keep an eye on them for more, as sometimes fungal infections...
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    Fleece: Re: Need wicking advice ASAP

    Are the liners double sided so they can be flipped? If so test both sides for their ability to wick. I had some pads that I washed several times, they have a patterned side and a plain side, the...
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    Biting: Re: My guinea pig is biting me

    sounds like she was fidgeting and trying to tell you she had enough of being out, and when she was ignored she tried a little more forcefully.

    I had a sow who when she was done with lap time she...
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    Bonding: Re: Adding a Third Male?

    I have boars and sows in stacked cages (4 cages total, so 2 stacks). The girls are on the top, the boys are on the bottom, the cage stacks are next to each other in an L shape. They for the most part...
  12. Bullying: Re: Adult Guinea Pig Boars Fighting after Baby Introduction

    Personally I would split off whichever boar was the least aggressive in the initial spat. It will be easier to re-pair the less aggressive boar as they are less likely to be overly aggressive with...
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    Nutrition: Re: Vet said 884 grams is overweight

    Healthy weight depends greatly on the frame of the individual animal.

    I have had a boar who was a healthy weight at 1500 grams, he was a very big boy, twice as long as some of my other boars....
  14. Parasites: Re: Need Help Identifying Skin Problem and Advice

    Those photos look more like a fungal related issue to me. I would recommend treating using an anti-fungal shampoo for this situation. For a list of shampoos that are suitable read this link...
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    Skin Problems: Re: Sansa’s Infections

    Ringworm is a type of fungal infection. The treatment bpatters recommended you try first would have been an effective treatment for ringworm.
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    Diet: Re: Green corn on the cob leaves?

    I've grown corn myself in my garden, so I know it is 100% pesticide free. When that is the case you can feed literally all of the corn plant except the corn kernels themselves. If that is not the...
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    Puberty: Re: How to estimate pig's age?

    how much (in grams preferably) does she currently weigh? It isn't super accurate but we may be able to give you a rough age estimate if we know how much she weighs. This only works for young guinea...
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    Eyes: Re: Guinea pig eye infection?

    I have a girl with advanced osseous metaplasia in one eye. She is now completely blind in that eye but it doesn't seem to affect her otherwise. She is 4 years old, and hers progressed relatively...
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    Re: Help with? Male and female babies

    No they can't have even supervised time together, guinea pigs can mate in a mater of seconds. You are right they won't really know each other any more after a day or two of not being in the same...
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    General: Re: What gender? I think it is female...

    That photo isn't really helpful either, not because of the way you have taken the photo but rather the anatomy of your individual guinea pig, all of the important bits to see seem to be a little...
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    Bathing: Re: Fleas Or Ticks?

    If she were mine i would treat her with kitten revolution. Not many guinea pig safe parasite treatments can tackle fleas, but revolution is one that can. All you would need is 1 does, however...
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    Re: New to guinea pigs! Suggestions welcome!!

    The only potential risk with giving excess vitamin C occurs when the vitamin C is given in extreme excess, if this is the case the potential harm is the guinea pig developing pseudo-scurvy when the...
  23. Parasites: Re: Need Help Identifying Skin Problem and Advice

    Any chance you could post some photos of the issue? It sounds like it could be a fungal infection or lice. Either of which can be treated at home but we need to be able to tell which it is to be able...
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    Eyes: Re: Question about guinea pig eye

    It looks like a classic case of hay poke to me. This is cause by a piece of hay or hay dust getting into the eye and causing a scratch on the eye ball.

    This should be seen by a vet, who should...
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    General: Re: Housing Male Guinea Pigs Alone???

    I have one boar who became extremely depressed when alone. His cage mate passed away and in the few days it took me to think over my options he lost interest in food, and just sat in the corner of...
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