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    Skin Problems: Re: Flaky, hard, bloody skin.

    I am sorry to hear you have to face that decision. I recently had to make the decision to let my 4 5yo boy go. He also was always getting some sort of health issue despite being clean, dry, warm,...
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    C&C: Re: Big Enough For 6 Boars?

    I had two piggies that seemed good together. Both bores. After about a year, they started fighting. And one was injured badly with a slash through his eye. It was horrible. Lucky he didn't loose his...
  3. Genitals: Re: Is a white, smelly paste in a scrotal sac normal?

    Thank you so much for helping me understand what is going on. It's a massive relief to know it's normal. Has made my day. Thank you for taking the time to explain. That has been on my mind as an...
  4. Mouth: Re: Issues related to tooth operation要ery complicated medical history

    Hi, did Gideon recover ?
  5. Skin Problems: Re: What is this bump on my guinea pig? Please offer your expertise.

    Was it his belly button ? Some times they get build up. ?
  6. URI: Re: URI, done with antibiotics, now not eating and tilting head, loss of balance

    Hi Steph, how did your piggie go?

    Mine had similar symptoms a year ago and made it through with intensive force feeding with Critical Care. And an oral steroid.

    He sometimes gets unwell, but...
  7. Genitals: Is a white, smelly paste in a scrotal sac normal?

    The more I think about it, the more it seems unlikely to be normal. However I just hesitate to take to a vet in case it is normal and he doesn't appear unhealthy. I am a novice Guinea pig owner so...
  8. Impaction: Re: I honestly am not quite sure what to call this

    I think I am struggling with a similar thing with my bore. No impaction as I can fully evert the scrotal sac. Always smells weird and feels rough. I am washing his sac out each week but same thing. I...
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    Conditions: Re: Is my skinny pig okay?

    My bore is the same. Ok with people. Can't be in with a buddy. Doest seem to impact on his health this far. I just make sure he has a great snuggle bed to keep him feel safe and warm :)
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