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  1. Adopt: Looking to adopt, Sheboygan County, WI area

    Hi, I'm looking to adopt one or two more female guinea pigs to add to my current pair. At the moment, I have two female guinea pigs, they are siblings. I want to adopt one or two more to make a true...
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    Cage: Keeping Guinea Pigs Outside Part Time

    Okay, so I'm not stupid enough to think I can keep guinea pigs outside full time, I live in Wisconsin, but I was wondering about keeping them outside part time. My idea is to have, in addition to...
  3. Fresh Food: High-Vitamin-C Treat Suggestions for Guinea Pigs

    Hi, I'm new to guinea pigs and am looking at getting a pair in the next couple of months (waiting until after a trip so I don't leave right after adopting them). I was doing some reading about...
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