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  1. Behavior: Re: Guinea pigs, keep on going under the pee pads

    Good thing I found this thread, I have issue with how to keep my guinea pigs pee on pads
  2. Media: Is anyone here also have fish tanks? :)

    Hi. I'm just wondering if you guys own fish tanks too? :)
  3. Re: Intro: Hi! I used to be a 2 guinea pig owner but now 4!

    Hello there cuties. :)
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    Re: New member here! :)

    Hi there. Thanks for your very informative response. I will surely take note of this and update you soon. :)
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    New member here! :)

    Hi guys! I'm a new member here! I'm planning to get guinea pigs, hoping you can help me how to take care guinea pigs. :)
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