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    Heart Issues: Re: New to Pigs and a Tragedy from the get go.

    Could he have choked on food? Any seeds or something like that in his food?
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    Keeping Cool: Re: Surviving a heat wave

    Im in Australia too, I gave my pigs a cool bath and put a fan on the cage when it was so hot. Might work for the rat?
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    Newborn Pups: Re: Sugar had her baby!

    I like tinsel
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    Fleece: Re: How do you clean your fleece?

    I vacuum the fleece while its still in the cage. Then toss it in the washing machine with normal washing liquid with the matterss protectors too ( I use instead of uhal ) then it all goes in the...
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    Cage: Re: Help! My girl turned out to be a boy!

    You can make a c&c cage with a dividing wall and lid.
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    Lid: Re: Do I need a lid/top for my cage?

    Just make sure the bedroom door is closed when nobody is home.
  7. Fleece: Re: Is prevention of fleece burrowing essential?

    Mine have fleece tunnels to use for burrowing they love going in there and it all stays ontop of the main fleece.
  8. Thread: All fleece?

    by ShadeyPig

    Fleece: Re: All fleece?

    I have 4 pigs in a 2x6, at first I had all fleece even in the kitchen which was a store bought cage added onto the 2x6 but the hay on the fleece drove me mad so I ditched the kitchen cage, added one...
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    Fleece: Re: Where to get fleece liner in Australia

    The anti pill fleece is the cheapes in plain colour. They to have funky patterns that I have seen. Make sure to show pics of your choice when your cage is done id love to see :)
  10. Diet: Re: Everyone's guinea pigs weekly veg/fruit menu

    Mine have a staple breakfast of lettuce, capsicum and carrot every day. Some days I will add corn or apple or tomato. In the afternoons they get watermelon rind or corn husks or tiger grass. Other...
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    Fleece: Re: Where to get fleece liner in Australia

    Im in aus too. I just bought fleece from spotlight big enough to fit my 2x6 and peg the sides. Cost me $15 for 1 fleece.
  12. Thread: Hay Bins

    by ShadeyPig

    Coroplast: Re: Hay Bins

    I had the same problem with mine. I gave up on that idea and now just fill a tray full of hay for them to hop in. So far no hay anywhere it shouldnt be.
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    Hay: Re: How are your Pigs fed Hay?

    Ive just changed my kitchen from the 1st pic to the second. I must say it is better for me because there is no more mess on fleece. Now I just dump the hay box once a day and refill. Yes it gets...
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    Play: Re: Agility and Tunnels

    My girls like these. Just pvc pipe with my daughters old tracksuit pants.
  15. Re: Need advice with bedding and cleaning for large cage and 6 pigs!

    Instead of a 6 x 4 could you make a 2 x 8 if you don't have the length in your room you can make it an L shape. I find the thinner longer cages easier to clean you dont need to hop in it and the...
  16. Level of Effort: Re: Can a 9 year old take care of a guinea pig? Please help me decide.

    Yes a 9 year old is capable of doing all the guniea pig care but the novelty wears off fast. That is exactly what happened in my household and now I am the ine doing all the care which I dont mind...
  17. Blankets: Re: Other types of cloth bedding suitable for guinea pigs?

    Ok well I guess they really dont like it then, how strange. Maybey you could try putting your absoebent layers down with fleece on top then a bed sheet on top of the fleece so they walk on the cotton...
  18. Blankets: Re: Other types of cloth bedding suitable for guinea pigs?

    A sheet will stay wet though unlike fleece. It sounds like you put them on a small piece if fleece to gage reaction and they tried to run off? Its a bit hard to say why they did that without other...
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    Cage: Re: How to keep hay off the floor?

    I think this is a good idea for 1 or 2 pigs. I have 6 so am still looking for a way to keep hay from going all over the place.
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    Play: Re: Guinea Pig Play date! Cuteness ensues! :)

    You know orange peel can come in contact with some rare flesh eating bugs on top of mountains before they are picked and fed to your bunny and piggy....... lol im just kidding, I keep seeing people...
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    Play: Re: Show me your cutest piggie pictures!

    This is Shadey
  22. General: Re: Cage finished for my new (1.5 yr old) girls!

    Ow love the cage! I would cover the ramp with some sort of material, I have a similar thing going on in my cage and I use an old pillow case. Your piggies must feel so much happier in their new...
  23. Water: Re: transitioning from water bottle to bowl--experience?

    I use a water bowl, the tick tick ticking of a bottle would drive me mad :) the piggies will work it out and its cute watching them all have a drink at the same time. A shallow ceramic bowl wont get...
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    Fleece: Re: Trouble getting odor out of fleece

    I use normal liquid detergent when I wash my fleece in the front loader, I found adding vinegar made it smell bad so leave it out, normal detergent works for me.
  25. Size: Re: Ideas for a LARGE outdoor enclosure for 6 piggies?

    My 6 piggies live outside during the day, no problems at all. I know alot of the forum members dont like to hear about it and its ok everyone is entitled to their opinion but I just wanted to let you...
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