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  1. General: Re: Can I leave my guinea pig alone for 6 days?

    You absolutely can't leave it alone for six days.

    You need to either arrange for someone to keep it at their home, or for someone to come into your home. It needs food, hay and water daily. And...
  2. Behavior: Re: Guinea Pig is behaving very differently

    Is his weight steady, or is he losing?

    Has he been treated for mites?
  3. Thread: Cloudy Urine?

    by bpatters

    Urine: Re: Cloudy Urine?

    All young pigs have cloudy urine, and yes, it's caused by calcium. However, they need calcium for teeth and bones, so we don't usually worry about their calcium intake until they're about six months...
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    Re: KMS Hayloft major issues

    TheGuineaPigGal, I'm well aware of how many people are from other countries. But I think you missed my point. KMS does NOT ship to the UK. So I don't see why it would be of interest to a UK forum.
  5. Thread: Blood in pee

    by bpatters

    Urine: Re: Blood in pee

    How much blood?

    I wouldn't separate them, nor would I go to an emergency vet unless she's peeing pure blood. Calling on Monday should be fine.
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    Fleece: Re: Worst fleece designs?

    Plain white, by a long shot.
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    Re: Meet my Guinea Pigs!

    Welcome! Cute pigs.

    But you should know that your cage is not nearly large enough for two adult males. They need at least 10.5 to 11 square feet, and more is better.
  8. Cage: Re: Revamped cage/room for my herd of 4 boars

    Definitely two doors in every hidey, especially with boars. A one-door hidey is just an invitation for one boar to trap another, and get his face slashed for his efforts.
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    Blankets: Re: Crocheted/knit guinea pig beds

    I'd also watch them like a hawk to make sure they don't eat it. Yarn could cause a huge intestinal blockage. I personally wouldn't risk it.
  10. Sexing: Re: Need help sexing my 1 month old guinea pig
  11. Pet Stores: Re: PetSmart and Petco Animals ( I need better titles)

    Unless I'm totally misremembering this, the main reason those stores stopped selling puppies and kittens is because state legislatures banned the practice.
  12. Re: Should I post in my original introduction thread or make a new one?

    If you can post on your old one, please do so. But it's probably closed to new posts.

    If so, put a link to that thread in the first post of your new thread so people can trace back if they want...
  13. Stones: Re: Guinea Pig 6 years old - Bladder Stone - not sure what to do

    I'm very sorry you lost her.
  14. Stones: Re: Guinea Pig 6 years old - Bladder Stone - not sure what to do

    If she's in good health otherwise, she should be able to withstand the surgery ok. It's not too bad, as surgeries go.

    But please don't syringe her baby food. It's got way too much natural sugar...
  15. Behavior: Re: I'm not sure if my guinea was killed or died? We are very confused!

    While I agree that PetSmart is a terrible place to get pigs, this issue is NOT about PetSmart, so let's just leave that out of the discussion. This pig had been in this home a year, and where it...
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    Injury: Re: Scab? On Guinea Pig's Ear

    Just keep a close eye on it. If you see signs of beginning infection (heat, redness, swelling, pus), then put some triple antibiotic cream on it twice a day. Be sure to rub it in well.

    How big...
  17. How Many: Re: Do pigs know if there's other pigs in the room?

    Probably, but you'd have to ask them. And I'd think the likelihood of their knowing other pigs are around would be greater if you've got boys in cages close to girls. With all boys, the boar...
  18. Urine: Re: Squeaking when peeing, whitish powder around vagina after peeing

    The whitish stuff may be calcium from urine, or it could be fungal. The vet may be able to tell.

    Squeaking while pooping is more often a sign of bladder stones, but it could be either stones or...
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    Cleaning: Re: Sanitizing old cage for new pigs

    I wouldn't worry about it.
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    General: Re: Possibly pregnant? Fat?
  21. Thread: Hiccups?

    by bpatters

    Say What?: Re: Hiccups?

    Probably hiccups. Nothing ever died of them.
  22. Re: Looking for Guinea Pigs near Chattanooga, TN


    Even if the address listed is a ways away from you, contact them anyway. Most rescues are just one or more foster homes, and may not be located where the address of the...
  23. Fighting: Re: Piggie bullying his brothers and I canít fix it!!!!

    Also, are your measurements in centimeters or inches? If centimeters, that's not nearly a big enough cage for two pigs.

    And ditto Guinea Pig Papa about not just switching the pigs between cages. ...
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    Shavings: Re: Curse the shavings!!!

    Mine never ate them. They tasted them when I first switched to them, but quickly realized they weren't food.
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    Shavings: Re: Curse the shavings!!!

    A 3-4 inch layer of pellets covered by fleece will last at least a year.
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