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    Upper Levels: Re: Need help with ideas for guinea pig loft

    Have you had a chance to look in this site's Photo galleries? On the top of the screen, next to the Forum tab is a Photo tab. Click that and you will see tens of thousands of pictures that members...
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    Re: We Miss You, Nugget

    I am so sad to read that Nugget passed and at such a young age. What a sweet piggy Nugget was and he will forever be close to your heart.
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    Fleece: Re: Liners and flippers

    I currently have a 2x4 and will be increasing to a 2x5. I use GuineaDad liners and plan to add a smaller 1x2 liner to the additional grid space at the end. Your adding an extra flipper or liner for...
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    Chat Re: Anyone Else get Annoyed...

    I work in a small company and most of my colleagues have dogs and one has a cat. My colleagues periodically ask me about my pets but of course they don't remember I have guinea pigs. So I've been...
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    Cleaning: Re: My new favorite cleaning tool

    My silicone dustpan brush works well for removing hay and hair but I'm always interested in new products. This looks intriguing...thank you for sharing.
  6. Cleaning: Re: Washing fleece? Can I put it in a pillow case?

    I put it in the wash directly using All Free & Clear (or similar) detergent and add vinegar to the final rinse. I usually do 2-3 loads each weekend and for the load containing Guinea Dad brand...
  7. Chat Re: Be you eat as well as your pigs?

    My piggies do eat better than I do and now I'm familiar with a much wider range of vegetables than I used to be. I look for the best hay and pellets. As to veggies, I also spend a lot of time...
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    How Much?: Re: Going Through Hay Fast

    I do put hay in a basket but that doesn't save any hay as I see Lily pull it out and discard until she finds the perfect strand of hay. She then uses the pulled out hay to line her litter pan so she...
  9. Hay: Re: Help! My guinea pig won't eat hay but eats everything else fine

    My piggy, Felicia, has a medical issue and wasn't eating much of her regular orchard grass hay. I've added in timothy, oat, and botanical hay to the mix and she is much more interested in those...
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    C&C: Re: Send me your ideas!

    What a wonderful weekend project and your piggies will be so excited to have a new habitat. For pictures of C&C cages, go to the top of your screen. Right next to "Forum", you will see "Photos". ...
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    Not Eating: Re: Leo's medical thread

    I am so sorry to read that you, your wife, and Leo are all unwell. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to all and looking forward to good news soon. This has been a horrible winter everywhere!
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    Cage: Re: Kitchen bedding, having trouble

    I use paper cat litter in my girls' litter box and pick out wet pellets and refresh nightly. The brands I've used are Yesterday's News and FreshNews at approximately 25 pounds between $15-20. Twice...
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    Size: Re: Temporary cage for guinea pig?

    I can't believe I forgot about the shallow swimming poo that @bpatters mentionedl. That is what I used to quarantine my new piggy, a kiddie plastic pool. You do need some kind of barrier (grids or...
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    Size: Re: Temporary cage for guinea pig?

    That plastic bin with the high sides would have terrible airflow for the piggy. For an inexpensive temporary enclosure, you can use a plastic tablecloth or shower curtain as the bottom and grids as...
  15. Cage: Re: Where can I find cheap supplies to make my own cage?

    I got lucky and got most of my grids for free through Craigs List. You might want to check Craigs List, Next Door, and Freecycle sites to see if there are any available for free.

    Do you live...
  16. Re: The sweetest boys sherlock and Watson introduction

    Congratulations on your wonderful boys and they are absolutely gorgeous. Hats off to you for taking your time and doing thorough research on guinea pigs beforehand.
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    General: Re: How To Take Guinea Pig To Vet?

    My two girls do not do well being together in a confined space, so I use two small dog carriers. Same as @Guinea Pig Papa, I line the bottom of the carrier with a thick fleece liner and then I put...
  18. General: Re: Please help complications with sow after giving birth

    Very sorry about Mini's passing and glad the pups are in your care.
  19. Thread: New to fleece.

    by SSLee

    Puppy Pads: Re: New to fleece.

    I've seen pictures on this forum where the fleece was velcroed to the coroplast. Maybe that will work for your needs.
  20. Thread: She’s here!

    by SSLee

    Re: She’s here!

    I put a bowl of short strands of hay in the cage along with two full hay baskets daily. The piggies do enjoy the hay in the bowl and whatever is left at the end of the day gets tossed into the...
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    Not Eating: Re: Scooter's medical thread

    Such wonderful news about both Scooter and Leo. Here is to many years of happiness and adventures for both boys.
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    Re: New To Guinea Pigs

    Thank you for the update and what a great job you've done with the piggies! Your C&C cage looks great and looks way better than what I've done with my C&C cage. It was my first time making a C&C...
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    Treats: Re: Is Rosewood Naturals Nature's Salad safe/ok?

    I am not familiar with the Rosewood products but have looked at them numerous times online.

    However, I have bought forage, herbs, and floral mixtures from Exotic Nutrition and my piggies...
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    Fleece: Re: Thoughts on GuineaDad fleece liners

    I have had four 2x4 and two 1x2 GuineaDad liners for over two years and in general am happy with them. Even though I follow directions and wash mine in cold water and hang dry, mine have shrunk over...
  25. Bonding: Re: How to get my new young piggy comfortable with me?

    I have also had good luck with the method described by Candalalala, whether it be for lap time or for cage cleaning. The tunnel is the preferred method in my home and the piggies automatically run...
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