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  1. Anyone know of any guinea pig safe mouse deterrents?


    Last night I saw a mouse in my apartment. I set a no-kill trap, but since I live in a building with 30 plus other apartments, I figure there could be mice all over the building. I already keep...
  2. Nails/Nail Trimming: Re: Dire Need For Nail Trimming....But When??

    I think it depends on how long they are. If they're at the point where they're curved under and making it difficult for them to walk, then do it right away. If they don't seem to affect them too...
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    Cleaning: Cleaning willow bark?

    So, I guess this isn't bedding per say, but it's in their cage and my Coconut sleeps on it and spends a fair amount of time just sitting on it, so I felt this was the most appropriate category. I...
  4. Joy: Re: Emotional therapy animals: the reason I got my pigs!

    I didn't get my guinea pigs because of my depression, but they did save my life. I got them for several reasons. I love animals, I was lonely, I missed having a pet I could cuddle, and I wanted to...
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    Play: Re: Ideas for Floor Time

    Thanks to all of you!
  6. General: Re: How do you get your guinea pig to eat bell peppers?

    Try giving them a bit of just peppers. If they still don't eat the then they just don't like peppers and there's really nothing you can do to get them to eat them (short of taking away all other...
  7. Say What?: Re: My piggy is squeaking and hiding behind my hair

    Sounds to me like he's scared. Unless you want uneven hair, though, you might want to be careful. Some guinea pigs like to eat hair. My old guinea pig, River, used to do that and, if I wasn't paying...
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    Play: Ideas for Floor Time

    I have two boars, Molasses and Coconut. Neither really likes floor time. They're allowed to roam the room because I have dangerous stuff blocked off. Usually they run right over to the cage door...
  9. Worst things about eating out as a vegetarian

    So, yeah, it's the weird line between, well, it's our choice so part of it's our fault, but they could do more to cater to a larger range of customers or maybe just use less meat to be nice to...
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    Fleece: Re: Fleece hay bails

    Adorable! I'd try them out, but my boys would tear it up within a week!
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    Grooming: Re: Boar Cleaning- Absolutely Necessary

    Thank you! All of you! I've just given them both their first boar cleaning and I earned a (not affectionate) nip (also coupled it with their bath so they'd get all the trauma out of the way at once....
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    Re: Trying to go Vegetarian!

    I don't get my recipes of one particular site. Usually I just make the same ones or improvise. Otherwise, I google vegetarian recipes. However, some of the easy ones I make are

    Zucchini Casserole...
  13. Thread: UM

    by Rosewhite

    Re: UM

    Are you lacto/ovo vegetarian? If so, making a point to include dairy and eggs is a good way. You don't need to have them with everything. In fact, the major mistake most people make when cutting out...
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    Grooming: Boar Cleaning- Absolutely Necessary

    I'm new on here. I have two boars (Molasses and Coconut). I've had them about a year and a half and I was googling cute guinea pigs and I came across the topic of boar cleaning for the first...
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