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    Play: Re: High jumping guinea pig!

    You should possibly put plexiglass or more grids around the edges because I know a piggy that jumped a grid!! But it could have been SO dangerous from a fall. As wheekermommy said put grids by the...
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    Pregnant: Re: Pregnant pig won?t walk.

    You should take her to the vet and let them figure out what's wrong, it is hard to know through people on forums because we can't see her and observe, but your vet can. I wish you and her luck with...
  3. Pellets: Re: Are your pigs accepting the Sherwood Pet Health pellets?

    I recently switched to Sherwood too and my pigs love it! I did mix the old pellets with the new and the transitioned easily, before poops were sometimes off and there were calcium deposits on oxbow...
  4. Photos: Re: Find a picture of you're guinea pigs in the CUTEST pose!

    They are all so cute!!
    these are my babies! First one is Ferb second is Kinderlol
    8449584497 I can't delete the two upside down pics:confused:
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    Re: New 2xMale Piggie Owner!

    Congrats on your new piggies!! Taming is so thing that will can take only 1-2 weeks but most of the time a lot longer (more like 5+ weeks) one of my boys I've had for over a year but I can't pick him...
  6. Adopt: Re: Adopt two male guinea pigs and supplies - $100 - Athens, GA

    I don't live anywhere near you or am looking for more piggies, but I wish you luck on finding them good homes!! They look like bundles of joy!!:love:
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    Injury: Re: My guinea pig is dragging her legs

    She may be paralyzed because if she broke her spine from a fall like that, she may pass if you can't get her to a vet. Does she squeal if you touch her legs? You need to get her to a vet asap!
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    Photos: Re: Haii from dootie [emoji847]

    It is so cute that the bed is bigger than her!!!��❤️
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    Injury: Re: Dead or Dying toe?

    Is she walking normally? Is the toe cold? Does she squeal when you touch the toe? The vet will be able to tell you exactly what is wrong of course and all you can do is really make her comfortable...
  10. Loss: Re: Piggie is sick and i've already lost one

    Is the piggy still eating? That is very important!
  11. Cage: Re: Upgrading C&C Cage 2x3.5 to 2x4 - is it enough?

    If you have the space for bigger then go bigger:) you won't regret it! If you don't have the space it is the minimum so it would still be enough space;)
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    Re: Goodnight, sweet pig... RIP Tribble

    I'm very sorry for your loss:(
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    Re: Hans the guinea pig

    OMG!! He is ADORABLE!! And From the looks of it he's got a great cage with clean fleece and will be happy with a little friend!!:)
  14. Bonding: Re: Boar and sows smelling/living near each other before neuter

    You should wait to just introduce them, acidenntal littlers can happen through the bars as well (from what I've heard and its better to be safe then sorry) so keep them separate until he's neutered...
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    Re: Just got 2 Pigs [emoji7]

    Welcome! Did you give your piggies a water bottle? (Because some don't like bowls) Congrats on the new family members! :o
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    Re: New Guinea pig owner

    Welcome to the forum! :):D
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    Behavior: Re: Cage Bitting and Staring

    Teeth chattering is something you may hear daily and it's fine, chasing isn't bad either unless blood is drawn and one can't eat or drink water.:) I'd try them together again:)
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    Breeding: Re: Pregnant Guniea Pig Questions

    She most likely is but there is of corse the possibility she's not, for the babies (if there are any) you can give them to your vet or a local shelter (once they eat on thier own) because they'll...
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    Behavior: Re: Separation anxiety?

    They are just trying to locate each other and call out for the other to call back:)
  20. Cage: Re: Lost the metal piece for my waterbottle

    When I was away for a while I used duct tape! It may be hard to re-fill it though, so bungee cords would work better for your convenience:) Do your pigs use the dish? Because some don't and if the...
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    Re: Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to the forum!:) Your girls are absolutely ADORABLE!! And I am sorry about your sweet Poppy.:(
  22. Re: Cute Adult Male for rehoming in Massachusetts

    Yay! I'm happy he has found a home with you! He is SO adorable!! What is his name? Who will his friends be?:)
  23. Level of Effort: Re: Dad took sup-par care of Guinea Pigs; doesn't see anything wrong with it

    Has he seen you with your routine? Did you tell him what he needed to do? Because I wouldn't know why he didn't do what you've told him. When ever I leave I leave a strict list of everything my...
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    Pet Stores: Re: Job at Petsmart?

    On the site "indeed" you can find jobs at animal shelters near you, so you can know the animals are being treated right and get proper care! It also means that you are supporting something good! :)...
  25. Thread: Kijiji?

    by Sofia claire

    Re: Kijiji?

    I have two pigs and got them both for kijiji at separate times, the first one was very social and friendly in a small cage but it was kept very clean had a lot of floor time, but the second piggy was...
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