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  1. Fleece: Re: My piggies keep burrowing underneath the fleece!

    And they never go under the bottom fleece? Right now I have the bottom fleece as just a layer over towels (changing this to actual liners once I get their new cage which is arriving next week). I'm...
  2. Introductions: Re: Currently having a rocky introduction. Help?

    I had this issue when I was introducing my third pig to my other two (who had been living with me for a year at the time). The new pig would get into fights with them (pretty scary fights) and I...
  3. Fleece: My piggies keep burrowing underneath the fleece!

    While extremely adorable, one of my guinea pigs is a master at finding out how to get underneath her fleece! I've tried everything from tucking it underneath the outside of the cage, to adding...
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