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    Coughing: Re: Odeta's Medical Thread (again)

    I treated for mites once when she was much younger, but it's been years. She doesn't seem unusually itchy except when it heralds a seizure, but I suppose it won't hurt to order Ivermectin again and...
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    Coughing: Odeta's Medical Thread (again)

    link to past thread

    It's been awhile since I posted here, but I've been busy. I'm at college now, I finally found somewhere I could bring the pigs with me, lol.

    Anyway. Updates on Odeta: She is...
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    Genitals: Re: Odeta's Medical Thread

    I messed up, guys. I just came home (early) from a family vacation and discovered that the petsitter had been giving Odeta and Theo the wrong pellets. I'd forgotten that I'd been doing a brand...
  4. Fresh Food: Re: High-Vitamin-C Treat Suggestions for Guinea Pigs

    Red bell peppers are your best friend as far as vitamin C goes. Green ones aren't half-bad, either.
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    Diet: Re: overfeeding hay?

    Guinea pigs should always have access to more hay than they can eat. It makes up 80% of their diet, they need to graze on it constantly throughout the day similarly to animals like rabbits and...
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    Rest in Squeaks, Bitters.

    When I was sixteen years old, on my first day out of training as an animal shelter volunteer, I was busy when my mother and grandmother came to pick me up- because, happy day, someone was being...
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    General: Re: Smores Mysteriously Became Pregnant!?!?

    Sounds to me like Coffee needs to go for a vet visit and be quarantined for now. Whoops. Congrats on the babies, and sorry about Chippy, though. For unplanned piggy pregnancies 4/5 (including S'mores...
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    Medications: Re: Dosage Help? Sulfamethoxazole

    Thank you.
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    Medications: Dosage Help? Sulfamethoxazole

    So the label of the bottle says to give 0.6 mL twice a day. However, the spot the vet marked on the syringe for where the medication should be drawn up to, is at 1.6 mL. How much is actually the...
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    Lethals: Re: Is she a letha?

    Her eyes both do look small to me. I think it's entirely possible she's a lethal who's been lucky thus far with her digestion. Blind and/or deaf guinea pigs adjust very well so it's likely that a...
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    Cage: Re: Guinea pigs in the green house?

    Maybe, but you need to be sure it doesn't get too warm when it's sunny. Guinea pigs don't like it to be hot, and they get heatstroke when the temperature hits the mid-eighties Fahrenheit.

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    General: Re: guinea pigs outside

    Two of my piggies do fine being penned up outside to graze (supervised!) for awhile. The other is terrified of the big open sky and wants to hide under me.

    Make sure they aren't in direct...
  13. Pellets: When vegetables aren't available, should they get more than 1/8 cup of pellets?

    In situations where there's bad weather and we're unable to shop and/or my family travels, and the pigs are unable to get vegetables for a day or two, or they get less than a cup per day, should the...
  14. Thread: Intro_Hi!

    by jaycriae

    Re: Intro_Hi!

    Welcome to the forum! And I'm sure your pigs will appreciate the opportunity to try different kinds of hay.
  15. In Heat: Re: Girls in heat? Is their behavior THAT different?

    The vet says she probably does have cysts, especially since her nipples are also extremely tender, though we haven't taken an ultrasound to confirm and she couldn't palpate any. However Theo isn't a...
  16. Pet Stores: Re: Wanted: Acctual and reasonable solutions to the "pet store problems"

    Unfortunately they make too much money off treating the animals badly and selling them cheaply to anyone who asks. Some pet stores do have policies that allow employees to refuse sales if the...
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    Re: Hello all! Introducing my pig, Bubbles.

    Aww, what a sweet old girl. I hope you're giving her lots of attention so she isn't too lonely.

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  18. Thread: Crusty ear

    by jaycriae

    Skin Problems: Re: Crusty ear

    I still think it's probably just stubborn ringworm. That stuff can really hard to get rid of, and your description matches. I have a patch of ringworm the size of my pinkie fingernail on the back of...
  19. In Heat: Re: Girls in heat? Is their behavior THAT different?

    My girls aren't in sync most of the time, once in awhile they line up but not typically.

    Odeta gets even bossier than she already is, and mounts the others some. Mostly there's a ton of...
  20. Cleaning: Re: Potty Training into corner litter pan inside cage?

    Hm, I might try blocking it off sometime, but even if it takes some extra time to get under there it's convenient not to have to pee-proof the whole room. Thanks, though. :)
  21. Thread: Crusty ear

    by jaycriae

    Skin Problems: Re: Crusty ear

    The cuts are probably why it isn't getting better, if it's ringworm. Ringworm is by far most infectious when there's scrapes or cuts for it to get into. If her nails are sharp I'd try filing them...
  22. Cleaning: Re: Potty Training into corner litter pan inside cage?

    My pigs also have picked a certain place they go during floor time, but there's no pattern to where they go inside the cage. They're silly little animals.

    Ah well, if I could only pick one or the...
  23. Sad: Re: Curious about statistics on pigs illness/ longevity

    I'm very sorry for all of your losses.

    Whitey - died of a fall because of an unsupervised child, age 1.5. Back broken, he wasn't in pain for quite awhile, just paralyzed, so he lived another month...
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    Nails/Nail Trimming: Re: Tips on cutting black nails?

    I once asked the vet to show me how to trim Bitters' back nails while she was there for unrelated reasons, and the VET clipped too short and made her bleed. Now I just take off the tips. They might...
  25. Behavior: Re: Brand new pig and want to make sure this behavior is normal

    Yep, it's normal. How long it lasts depends on his own personality. All piggies tend to like to spend a lot of time in their hideys, but I'd estimate unless he's especially shy, if you don't scare...
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