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    General: Re: Drooling - not teeth issue

    When does he drool? All the time or just when he eats?
    If it's all the time, perhaps it's muscular. Sounds like something a stroke could cause.
  2. Medications: Re: Feeding syringes - need long term suggestions

    I found a really good suggestion on a rabbit site. Teflon (plumbers) tape!

    It's about a buck for a roll. I do two wraps around the rubber stopper and it slides like new. I've been using the...
  3. Medications: Re: Feeding syringes - need long term suggestions

    I've gotten the smaller 1 ml syringes from my pharmacist. Unfortunately, they only have up to 5 ml around here and I prefer something larger. I have two from the vet but I don't expect them to keep...
  4. Medications: Re: Feeding syringes - need long term suggestions

    I tried Shoppers, Rexal and Pet Smart. They've all changed the syringe to a very narrow tip. They don't look like they would easily pass critical care. Thanks for the amazon recommendation. I was...
  5. Medications: Feeding syringes - need long term suggestions

    I'm looking for recommendations for feeding syringes - where to buy, how to make them last, preferred brands and sizes. Note: I'm in Canada.

    I have a four year-old sow that has chronic tummy...
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    Hay: Re: Problems with Oxbow Western Timothy Hay

    I just realized you are in the Saskatoon area. I looked up the price of hay at Petlands in the western part of the country. It's really expensive - $58 for 2x90oz bags of hay. That's only 11...
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    Hay: Re: Problems with Oxbow Western Timothy Hay

    Where are you in Canada?

    I order 50lb boxes from Flowertown Chinchillas. They are in Ontario (same as me). Ren's Pet Depot is another option in this area. It costs me about $130 for the box...
  8. General: Re: I think my guinea pigs is pregnant again???

    Most guinea pigs are that shape. I have one girl who is very round around the middle. As long as she is eating and pooping (no signs of bloat) she may just be a full-figured gal. :)

    On another...
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    Where to Order?: Re: Where to get forage in Canada?

    What do you mean by "forage"?
    As long as they are getting unlimited hay and enough vitamins with veggies and/or pellets then they will be happy and healthy guinea pigs.
  10. Cage: Re: I'm so proud of my most recent expansion!!! Bigger IS better!

    Nice addition. I like the way you worked in that closet shelving. Looks like the standard length worked alright for you.
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    Grids Re: Rant on Canadian supplies??

    I think Home Depot will cut wire shelving to any length you want. At least they use to. I haven't bought any for a while.
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    General: Re: Puppy pads with attractant

    One of my sows completely ignores them. The other would dig them out right away. She ended up spending two days at the vet with a stomach blockage and I wasn't sure she was going to make it. That...
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    General: Re: Puppy pads with attractant

    It's hard to fool them! They hear the crinkle of the pad if it's directly under the fleece and then they dig it out. I had to stop using them in my regular cage. If it's under a towel then under...
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    General: Puppy pads with attractant

    I need to buy more disposable puppy pads to use while traveling over the holidays. I use in heavy-use areas under fleece and towels in their vacation cage.
    Every brand I'm seeing has an...
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    Fleece: Re: My fleece purchase on Black Friday!

    I was in the fleece section of Fabricland in North Bay this fall. There were two other shoppers buying for pet accessories - one for a cat and one for a dog. We had a great conversation about...
  16. UTI: Re: I have a question about force feeding sick piggie

    If she's eating that's great. "How" is not that important. It sounds like she's hungry and likes the taste.

    Did they do x-rays? Sounds like she has a stone.
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    Size: Re: Is this cage large enough for 2 guinea pigs?

    Too small - Yes, but that's a great price for that cage. You can get two, qualify for free shipping and link them together. There are instructions somewhere on this site.

    Be sure to remove the...
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    Hay: Re: My piggies waste so much hay!

    Ha, ha. My girls also do that. They like to make piles and sleep with their heads in the hay and their butts sticking out.
    They give me dirty looks when I clean up the pile, so I've started...
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    Nutrition: Re: KMS Pellets vs Oxbow Pellets

    I switched back about a year ago. KMS is no longer available in Canada. I've had no issues with the new Oxbow formula; no calcium spots and no new stone issues.
    For what I've read here, the new...
  20. Rumblestrutting: Re: a whole lot of rumblestrutting - 2 adult bonded females

    Ha, ha. I have grumble ladies. There is daily teeth chattering, rumbling, and chasing. If I try to break it up they look at me like I'm interfering and should mind my own business.
  21. General: Re: Evacuating with 2 Guinea Pigs; 7 Hour Car Trip

    I have a couple of suggestions.
    1) Put some hay in toilet paper tubes. You can prefill the tubes and toss them in if they need the distraction. They break up squabbles between my piggies when...
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    Hay: Re: Frustrated by Oxbow Hay bags

    I use clothes peg and a set of chip-clips from the Dollar Store. I have one set for piggy stuff only and another set for human food.
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    Fleece: Re: Fleece? How does it work?!

    I think you are correct about everything you said. You're not doing anything wrong. The best bedding is what works for you and your guinea pigs.

    I use fleece and spot clean twice a day, change...
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    Fleece: Tips for cleaning up wood pellet dust

    This stuff gets everywhere in the house. It sticks to the back of the fleece and goes flying every time I clean the cage. I can't shake outside so it's everywhere in the house. I do a full...
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    Nutrition: Re: What do you feed your guinea pigs on a daily?

    Bearded dragon! Very interesting.

    I appreciate the chance to discuss all the choices we make for our pets' care, even with all the differing opinions. I wouldn't know about all the options...
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