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    Good news for my piggie!

    Hello everyone, I thought I would share some good news today, my birthday is coming up ( Oct 30th) and with that money I will be buying a 2x4 with a 2x1 loft C&C cage for Basil! And even better news,...
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    Behavior: Re: Behavior, weird head swaying movement?

    I'm not totally sure by the description you gave but my piggie does something similar when I put him on something that has stitches showing, like once I sewed him a pillow and forgot to turn it...
  3.   Re: How can i convince my parents to get me a guinea pig

    One of the things I think you should do along with everything stated above is prove that you care. Think of it from a parents perspective, if you ask for a guinea pig for a day and go crazy about...
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    Pet Stores: How to make a change

    Hello everyone, as most of you know pet stores (Specifically Petco, Petsmart) are notorious on here for keeping guinea pigs inhumaneley, selling improper cages, food etc, so all I ask from anyone...
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    Sick: Re: Can my piggie catch my cold/flu

    Thank you!
  6. Re: please help me, student with sick pigs looking for home

    That's great news! Make sure to keep a really close eye on her and a trip to the vet wouldn't hurt but if her condition is getting better or is more stable and you're sure she dosen't have any...
  7. Infection: Re: Ear Infection - Head Tilt - Turning in a Circle - Questions for Group

    Until you can get her to an exotic vet you should keep her comfortable and keep her food and water close to her pigloo, that way she might find it a bit easier and be more inclined to eat. But I do...
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    Diet: Re: For those feeding pellet-free

    How much do your girls weigh? they should be getting about 10% of their body weight in veggies but do you know if they were fed veggies in their previous home? If not you want to introduce them very...
  9. Re: My guinea pigs favorite thing in the world is "fill in the blank*

    My piggie's favourite thing in the world is to explore my brothers bed (and only his bed, not mine for some reason)and wee on it, can you guess why my brother doesn't like guinea pigs? Haha
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    Sick: Can my piggie catch my cold/flu

    at the moment i have fever,headaches,cold, just a pretty bad dose all round (hence why my activity on here has multiplied haha), but I don't have a sore throat, Just wondering if I can pass this on...
  11. Thread: Bladder stones

    by Meganii

    General: Re: Bladder stones

    Ditto to that^ but one of the main signs of a bladder stone is grittieness, its unlikeley to be a bladder stone if there is no grit at all.
  12. Re: please help me, student with sick pigs looking for home

    Ditto^ i think finding a rescue would be a good backup plan incase no one adopts them from you, at least in a rescue they would be guaranteed vetrinary care, although it isn't the ideal situation.
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    Fleece: Re: I am a fleeceoholic

    They look amazing :D
  14. Thread: Oxbow

    by Meganii


    Just a heads up for anyone looking for Oxbow, Bairbre O'Malley vetrinary hospital carries,

    Timothy grass hay
    Orchard grass
    Oat hay
    Alfalfa hay
    Critical care packets (see...
  15. Re: Looking for piggies for adoption in Ireland (Dublin area)

    I've been told by the DSPCA (Dublin society for the prevention of cruelty to animals) to ring PJ and I have been given his number, I shall be ringing him toomorrow so lets hope it goes well!
  16. Looking for piggies for adoption in Ireland (Dublin area)

    As you can probably tell from the title i'm looking for a second piggie, preferably soon.
    At the moment I have a lone piggie, at the time I got him from a petstore (Unbeknownst to me at the time how...
  17. Re: Me and Cheeseburgers having a nice cuddle-chat before bedtime

    aww so adorable :love:
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    Re: In loving memory of Chase

    I'm so sorry for your loss, losing a pet is never easy, but at least you can take comfort in the fact that you looked after him well while he was here with us, Me and Basil are sending wheeks and...
  19. Thread: Licking

    by Meganii

    Behavior: Re: Licking

    my pig loves to lick my hands and arms, once when I first got him a friend they fought really bad and I somehow managed to get in between and basil bit me very hard (thank god I still have my...
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    Re: New human to piggy.

    As far as peeing on you goes, I've been through the same thing when I got my most recent boar (who i had to give back, long story) he peed almost a small can of fizzy drink worth of pee on me about...
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    Behavior: Things we love about our piggies!

    hey everyone,
    Since so many people go on this forum to talk and ask about health problems, behavoural problems etc (Which is great btw!) I think some of us tend to forget all the great things about...
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    General: Re: How bad do males really smell?

    At the moment I have a young single boar and you can't smell his cage at all if I leave my windows open, and as far as his body goes, I can't smell him unless I hold him next to my face and tbh, he...
  23. Play: Re: Spending time with guinea pig - asking for advice

    I like to have my piggie on my lap when I do my homework or when i'm on the computer (Right now) and feed him some veggies, at the moment I only have one piggie (I tried getting him a male friend,...
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    Re: Hello from Ireland!

    Thank you lisa325 and rotto77 for the warm welcomes <3
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    Hello from Ireland!

    Hello everyone! Thought I'd introduce myself as I am new to owning piggies and am always on the look out for things to research to help give my piggie better care, My names Megan and my piggies name...
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