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    Re: New to Guinea Pigs!

    Hi steph, I am also from Australia.

    Always good to see new owners from Australia joining the forums. An alpaca coat would be a longhair rex, so crinkled and wiry hair that grows very long. The two...
  2. General: Re: What to do when you're down to 1 pig and you aren't planning on getting more?

    For me what I would do would greatly depend on the age and health of the remaining guinea pig when their current friends passes.

    If they are 5/6/7 and in good health when their friend dies I...
  3. Thread: Yellow Hay

    by Soecara

    General: Re: Yellow Hay

    The problem with Timothy hay here in Australia is that it doesn't grow well in our climate so all the timothy hay you will find has been imported from other countries. As such it is usually very poor...
  4. General Re: Fusing Pelvic Bones in guinea pigs when they've been pregnant before

    The male guinea pig will need to be kept separate from females for three to four weeks post op to allow residual sperm to die off.

    Guinea pigs pelvic bones don't fuse, the ligaments lose...
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    Media: Re: Is anyone here also have fish tanks? :)

    Yes I do. I have several aquariums, ranging in size from 4ft to 20 litres. I also have an aquaponics set up as a work in progress.
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    Neutering/Spaying: Re: Looking for vet/benefits

    I have had many sows over the years, none were spayed, none developed ovarian cysts. On the other hand I have also had no stones in any of my guinea pigs.

    I do think there is a large genetic...
  7. Just Delivered: Re: Guinea pig just gave birth, how much bloody discharge is normal?

    The kind of discharge you are describing sounds normal to me.

    Rather than being concerned about the amount of blood be concerned about how the mother is acting. If she is acting normal, is active...
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    Injury: Re: Weird Scab Below Bottom Lip

    It is boar glue, aka guinea pig ejaculate. He is almost certainly putting it there himself, it isn't anything alarming and he can clean it off on his own. It isn't healing because there is nothing to...
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    What breed?: Re: What breed do we have?

    They both look like American guinea pigs, aka a standard short smooth coat.

    For coat colours Coco looks like a tri-colour, a chocolate, white, and red? or gold? tri-colour. I'm not certain of the...
  10. Puberty: Re: What should I do with baby male guinea pig?

    I often see people assuming the price of having a guinea pig neutered would be lower than it actually is. Often they base this off of the cost of having a dog or cat neutered, this is often wildly...
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    Re: Empty cage in need of resident

    They are probably not a good cage for reptiles simply because it would be hard to keep the heat and humidity right.

    Perhaps something like button quails/king quails (same bird, name differs...
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    Bonding: Re: Sudden Aggression in Male-Female Pair

    How certain are you that she has been spayed? If I didn't know better I would say his current mounting spree might be spurred by her heat cycle but if she is spayed that should not be the case.
  13. Thread: Sweet peppers?

    by Soecara

    Grow Your Own: Re: Sweet peppers?

    Other good leafy greens would be like butterhead lettuce, radicchio/chicory (they will even eat the bitter green "field radicchio" leaves which are what grow when you don't starve the plant of...
  14. Thread: Sweet peppers?

    by Soecara

    Grow Your Own: Re: Sweet peppers?

    I've grown my guinea pigs many different varieties of capsicums/bell peppers before. The variety "sweet banana" was one similar to the one you are considering, they never turned their noses up at...
  15. Diet: Re: What are good quality pellets and hay for young guinea pig?

    Just for clarification young guinea pigs need an additional source of calcium for their growing bones that older guinea pigs should not have. This extra calcium can come from either young guinea pig...
  16. Sad: Re: Bought 2 Females, found out today 1 is Male?

    I agree your options as it stands depends on how attached you are to them. Female guinea pigs can get pregnant from 6 weeks of age, male guinea pigs are fertile from about 3.5-4 weeks old which is...
  17. Sick: Re: Pig just diagnosed with cancer -- what to expect?

    I have had a guinea pig with inoperable tumours that ended up taking her life. I wouldn't try to fatten him up and TheGuineaPiggGal, doing so is not for his benefit, the risks of bloat are too high...
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    Injury: Re: Possible Bite, Should I Separate?

    There is no gradual introductions, it really should be a 1 day event. It is very stressful to put them together and take them apart again several times, which is usually the way people go about...
  19. General: Re: Questions about getting a new friend for my current guinea pig

    My personal preference in similar situations has been to get a pair of young sows to introduce to the older sow. I find the older sow takes well to much younger sows in most situations and having...
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    Hay: Re: Grass and alfalfa cubes?

    Hay is just dried grass. There is no nutrient that hay has that grass is missing.

    However most people chose to feed hay and not grass for practicality reasons due to their own personal situation....
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    What breed?: Re: Help identifying gender!

    My thoughts, first is male, other two are female. If I am correct you will be able to feel the firm line just above the genitals, that is the bone bpatters described, on the first one but not the...
  22. Thread: Raw pumpkin

    by Soecara

    Treats: Re: Raw pumpkin

    I have on occasion fed some raw pumpkin to my guinea pigs, a small piece no more than once a week.
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    Re: Abby and Betty's thread

    Most seeds in bird seed are grass seeds. I have never intentionally planted bird seed to grow grasses, but having a bird aviary near a garden bed and occasionally adding some bird droppings with the...
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    Re: Witchcraft and Guinea Pigs

    Definitely move it to a different room to the guinea pigs. Ideally have a door shut between the altar and the guinea pigs, and plenty of ventilation like an open window if possible.
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    Skin Problems: Re: Scabs, irritation, and scratching

    As it is ringworm, stop with the antibiotic cream on the skin.

    What has the vet prescribed for the ringworm infection, is it an oral medication, a cream for the skin, or is it the anti fungal...
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