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  1. Re: Future Guinea Mom + Love This Site!

    You're not being mean, I just wasnt clear that I will NOT get any pets until there's a vet fund :)

    Thank you for the warm welcome!!!
  2. Re: Grieving time is over and looking to get two guinea pigs

    Are you in America? If yes, I recommend using or Craig's List (but use first!)

    I know some other methods but I forgot them at the moment.
  3. Re: One of the Gang: Dog Joins Guinea Pig Pals for Veggie Snacks - Yahoo News UK

    This is cute but also somewhat dangerous for the guinea pigs....I could be wrong, but that's my take on it. :)
  4. Future Guinea Mom + Love This Site!

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new here and decided to jump in after exploring the forum, spectator style, for a week.
    I must say I learned SO much and can't wait to be a piggy mom. :)

    About Me

    I'm a...
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