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  1. Not Eating: Re: Guinea Pig Stopped Eating - Maybe a Dental Issue? Not Sure

    Yes. Those poops are consistent with a diet change, like feeding critical care. It's extremely difficult to get a look inside a pigs mouth without sedation, unfortunately. I've been there and done...
  2. Not Eating: Re: Guinea Pig Stopped Eating - Maybe a Dental Issue? Not Sure

    You're doing all the right things so far. I would however have a closer look inside her mouth. She may have an injury, overgrown molars, and possibly even elongated roots among others things. ...
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    Re: Brianna, new female 3 or 4 wks

    She's adorable!
  4. Fleece: Re: Getting hair out of fleece in the dryer

    I don't believe you use dryer sheets with fleece because it causes the fleece to lose it's wicking ability. I know I don't.
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    Eyes: Re: Little Bear's ouchie eye

    Are his poops softer than normal? Occasionally my boys get poop on their feet, but not always. Perhaps now that he's feeling better he is more active?
  6. Re: rest in peace charles milton figinwhistle III

    I am so very sorry for your loss.

    I am struck by the care with which you took to construct a casket for him. That tells me how very much he is loved. I did the same for both Pooper, and Sly...
  7. Skin Problems: Re: Is this Ringworm? (Hair loss + Crusty skin above one eye)

    It looks like fungus to me. And because it's so close to the eye, you'll need a prescription for it.

    Was this an exotics vet you saw?
  8. Re: Logan Police find guinea pig rolling away -

    And if they find who the owner is......

    Please don't give them back the pig. Find them a better home.
  9. Bonding: Re: New friend for my lone male guinea??

    Welcome to the forum, and please accept my sincere condolences on your loss.

    So glad to know you've done your research!

    I would get him a buddy, roughly his own age. That way they can grow...
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    Rehoming: Re: Should I re-home?

    I hate saying this, but yes. I think you should rehome her.

    She is alone. You have said yourself she gets little interaction from you. You have no plans for getting another pig. Picture it...
  11. Fighting: Re: Extended cage and guinea pigs are fighting like mad!

    Sounds to me like everything is fine. Pigs rumblestrut no matter what. Leo and Simon have been together now 15 months, and Leo rumblestruts at Simon countless times per day. Whenever Simon moves,...
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    Eyes: Re: Little Bear's ouchie eye

    Probably a reasonable assumption. Hopefully you can get him looked after quick!
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    Bonding: Re: Dogs and guinea pigs?

    I know it happens and that people occasionally have a guinea pig and a dog that are the best of buds, and they so adorably document it on TikTok or Instagram. I shudder to think how many people...
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    Chat Re: Guinea pigs anniversary

    Happy anniversary, you handsome boys!

    Make sure they get lots of delicious veggie treats to celebrate!
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    Eyes: Re: Little Bear's ouchie eye

    I needed to hear some good news today. Thank you for the update 4boipigs!
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    Eyes: Re: Little Bear's ouchie eye

    Such good news. Little Bear, Gimbly, Chico.and Amigo and you deserve health and happiness from here on out!
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    Re: Snowball's medical thread

    This is actually one of the reasons I'm seriously considering switching to all Orchard grass instead of a Timothy/Orchard mix. I get splinters all the time, and my boys LOVE to dive into the hay...
  18. Biting: Re: Older guinea pig biting younger one

    Your cage is likely a bit too small. Bare minimum for two males is a 2 grid x 4 grid C and C cage, which measures out at around 28" X 56". And trust me that's BARE minimum. Bigger is always...
  19. Biting: Re: Older guinea pig biting younger one

    First question I need to ask, is how large is their cage?
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    Teeth: Re: Slanted incisors

    I had a boy named Sly who had chronic dental issues. The cause was never identified, and he endured 11 dental procedures over a period of almost two years.

    Here is the link to his medical...
  21. Not Eating: Re: 4/5 year old male stopped eating?

    If he is pooping and peeing he's eating something. Are you SURE he's actually the one pooping?

    Regardless, if he's stopped eating he needs an exotic vet, asap. Make sure the vet checks his...
  22. Re: Guinea pig pair dumped in wet cardboard box with no food or water - ITV News

    People who do this make me sick. There is absolutely no reason for this other than lack of empathy and laziness.

    Really makes me want to kidnap them, and dump them in the middle of the Sahara....
  23. Dominance: Re: 2 Female Pigs Cyclical Dominance Pattern?

    Seems normal to me. You can think of it as piggie PMS.

    I've never had females, but this sounds like normal heat cycles to me.
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    Eyes: Re: Little Bear's ouchie eye

    I have a sneaking suspicion that as his wound heals, the nasal discharge will also clear up. He may require another course of antibiotics, but I believe he's well on the road to recovery. If he...
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    Forages: Re: Lawn grazing

    Good call about the snakes. We don't really have that problem here.

    In addition to making sure they're covered, make sure they have somewhere to hide that is out of the direct sunlight. Even...
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