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    C&C: Re: help with fleece lifting pigaloos

    thx ladies i do clip the heck out of it and wrap it around the chloroplast last night i caught her literally eating n pulling the fleece till it was louse. even with the bricks! lol i ended up...
  2. C&C: Re: At wits end with cleaning, need help and suggestions!

    what type of fleece are you using? That can make all the difference. when i first started i went to my fabric store and just bought some cute printed fleece out of the bin. which pilled and stuck and...
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    C&C: help with fleece lifting pigaloos

    ok i have a pigaloo who likes to somehow burrow underneath the layer of fleece and she gets under it and makes a huge mess out of the cage and gets poo all over her! i dont know why she keeps doing...
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    Fleece: Re: Fleece & Uhual pad Smell

    try rocking green soap its a baby diaper soap i used for our cloth diapers works AMAZING. it will get any stank out and rinses clean so no detergent build up.
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    Hiding: antisocial guinea pig

    i need help i have to pigaloos snow and sherbet:?:, snow acts pretty normal she runsa bit when you try to get her out of her cage but once held shes content to eat vegges sit and be petted. sherbet...
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