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    Pine: Re: Any opinions on kiln dried pine?

    We use pine shavings in my rescue occasionally. We’ve always used shavings over a thin layer of wood pellets. Mostly we use White Shavings from Gem, but use pine too if we can’t find the White...
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    General: Re: Timothy/Orchard Hay Mix

    I tend to think the pigs would eat all the timothy seed heads first, then the leafy strands, and leave the stems lying on the floor. At least that's what mine would do.
  3. Thread: Bumps!

    by foggycreekcavy

    General: Re: Bumps!

    Wow, your cage must be pretty huge if it's big enough for ten pigs. Can we see it?

    It's good that she sent one in. It must not be CL or she would have told you so. So they are abscesses, and not...
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    Behavior: Re: Hates lap time

    Some pigs will mellow with age.
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    Re: Newbie Aboard!

    Agreed! Get a pair!
  6. Injury: Re: Guinea pig missing a chunk of ear help!!!

    How much are you invested in this vet? Neutering doesn't change a guinea pig's behavior regarding dominance issues. In any pair, neutered or not, male or female, one guinea pig is the boss, and...
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    Neutering/Spaying: Re: Neutering and spaying costs

    Okay, you live in a pretty large area with lots of veterinarian choices. What I would do it call the ones close to you, and ask their prices. Also make sure they are exotics veterinarians. You...
  8. Bonding: Re: Hi everyone, I am in desperate need of advice for bonding my new guinea pig

    I agree with bpatters on all accounts.

    What's a wooden Kaytee home?

    If you'd like to keep the new boy, check out C&C Cages. If it were me, I'd make a 2x5 for this pair. Read the link...
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    Re: Pregnant Guinea Pig?

    She doesn't look pregnant to me. Neither of them do. Guinea pig gestation is around 70 days, give or take a few. But a 70 day pregnant guinea pigs looks a lot more pregnant than that. Of course...
  10. Bonding: Re: Are Silkie guinea pigs harder to bond with?

    People like to attribute character traits to different breeds, but I haven't really experienced that. It's all individual.

    I love silkies. I like the way the hair sweeps up at the ends. Of...
  11. Behavior: Re: Pixie Rose has stopped grooming herself

    Pigs that don’t feel well don’t feel like grooming. Can you get into the vet any sooner?
  12. Loss: Re: Piggie is sick and i've already lost one

    That’s good that he’s eating, but he probably needs antibiotics. Try to get to a vet right away.
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    Dominance: Re: Neither piggie will back down!

    What’s the cage size?
  14. Bonding: Re: Are they getting along? Just introduced.

    Pipsqueak is only 2 weeks old? Most babies aren’t weaned until they are 3 weeks.
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    Lethargy: Re: Craigslist pig blues

    Ditto. I'd also get him a larger quarantine cage.
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    Size: Re: Resizing C&C for two boars

    It amuses me that you thought the cage in the first post was too small! Just the bottom is bigger than what most people use for a pair of guinea pigs!

    Really nicely done. Lucky pigs!
  17. Bonding: Re: Kids wanting their first pet guinea pigs

    A hutch like that is harder to keep clean. Why not make/buy a C&C Cage? They are so easy to clean.

    It it seems to me that guinea pigs are living longer these days. I always have some 8 to 10...
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    Lid: Re: Lid Ideas for 2x5 C&C?

    You might also consider putting the cage on a table, or building a stand for it high enough that Garnet can't jump on it.
  19. Sick: Re: Not sure he is going to make it - sick pig

    I'm sorry he's gone. Do you have other guinea pigs? It's recommended to weigh them weekly, it's a great way to see if a guinea pig isn't feeling well. Since guinea pigs are prey animals they hide...
  20. Grooming: Re: Recently adopted a Silkie and Texel, suggestions on how to care for long hair

    Long haired guinea pigs hate to be brushed, for the most part. It pulls and hurts, and is scary. It's easier on them if you keep their hair trimmed short. I use a sharp pair of hair cutting...
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    Dominance: Re: Introduction to new pig.

    Large cage, two food dishes, two water bottles. Two piles of hay, two hiding places with two entrances each.
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    Not Eating: Re: Not eating

    He needs to go to an exotics veterinarian. The sooner the better, since not eating is always fatal.
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    Behavior: Re: I just have one...

    That is sad. Guinea pigs are happier (there are always exceptions) when with another of their own species. What type of cage do you have her in right now? It's most likely too small, unfortunately.
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    Bonding: Re: How do I deal with many piggies?

    Most guinea pigs don't like to be petted or picked up while in their cage, so that's not abnormal. And most guinea pigs could care less if you spend time with them every day.
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    C&C: Re: New dual bunny and piggie cage

    Themacmum, that's the same setup I used to have. Mine was made with connectors and plastic ties, which made it a bit more sturdy. I also put a shelf in the bunny part for the bunnies to jump up...
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