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    Re: Ever in Memory of Friar Tuck

    What a lovely tribute to such a sweet little guy. He was a special guinea pig, that's for sure. What a wonderful idea with the flowers and sun catcher, thanks for posting this.
  2. General: Re: What to do when you're down to 1 pig and you aren't planning on getting more?

    My opinion is I would not rehome an older pig. Losing a buddy in a familiar home is one thing, but then losing his home as well would be pretty stressful.

    I have a single female who will be 5 this...
  3. Sick: Re: Blood in cage but can't find which pig it's coming from

    I’m so sorry for your loss. You did the right thing getting her to the vet as quickly as you did. She was obviously a very special pig and you cared for her so well. Take care of yourself.
  4. UTI: Re: Pumpkin - Not sure what is going on, starting to whimper a bit when peeing

    A vet appointment is a good idea. Is she on fleece or something that you can see if her urine looks sludgy? That can indicate high calcium which can lead to stones. Sometimes there can be blood in...
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    Sneezing: Re: Simon's Medical Thread.

    Once Lacey scared herself when she popcorned while inside one of her hideys. The hidey flipped over and scared her so bad she hid in a corner for several hours. I wouldn’t have known what scared her...
  6. Fleece: Re: Anti-Pill Fleece over Puppy Pads for Bedding

    Also, I have used the anti-pill fleece before, but I actually like the plush better. It is a little thicker and has a softer surface so the hay doesn’t stick to it as much.

    I don’t know if you...
  7. Keeping Warm: Re: Rolling blackouts and single digit temps in Texas - terrified

    My heart goes out to you in Texas and anywhere there are power outages and fresh water issues. I’m in MN so cold is a way of life half the year. I can’t imagine being without heat and all the...
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    Pine: Re: Any opinions on kiln dried pine?

    A heavy duty washer at a laundromat would take care of the fleece washing. I have a commercial Speed Queen and I do several loads a week. I have two sets of washable incontinence bed pads, several...
  9. Fleece: Re: Anti-Pill Fleece over Puppy Pads for Bedding

    I use washable incontinence bed pads with a sheet of fleece over the top. They absorb liquid and the top layer says dry. I’ve had mine for years. They last a long time as long as you don’t use fabric...
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    Behavior: Re: My guinea pig is too scared for cagemate

    In the meantime, try spending more time interacting with him. Say his name, talk to him, give him veggie treats so he starts interacting with you. House him in a busy area so there is activity, just...
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    Eyes: Re: Little Bear's ouchie eye

    Glad to hear Amigo is doing better. I hope Little Bear’s eye starts to clear up.

    As for the upside down pictures, you might be taking the picture that way on your phone or tablet. The app on the...
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    Re: We will miss you Petunia

    My condolences, I'm so sorry you lost Petunia. She was so fortunate to have such a good home, and her personality is obvious in the pictures you posted. Take care of yourselves.
  13. Behavior: Re: Guinea pigs, keep on going under the pee pads

    The plastic disposable wee pads used for puppies are not a good idea since they could be chewed and swallowed. However, wee pads made with fleece and an absorbent inner layer work well in the corners...
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    Hay: Re: Gp allergic to timothy hay...

    There is also meadow grass and botanical grass you might try. Timothy is coarser so it’s possible there is a difference in fiber content. I don’t know if that would cause issues with digestion or...
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    Injury: Re: Chippy Eye Removal

    I hope Chippy continues to do well. A good appetite is a good sign, and I’m sure he will be happy to get back together with his buddy.
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    Injury: Re: Chippy Eye Removal

    Is Chippy still taking Baytril? That can make him not feel too well. I would continue with the pain med just to keep him as comfortable as possible. If heís drinking on his own thatís a good sign,...
  17. Treats: Re: my guinea pigs dont like apple wood chew sticks

    I cut apple sticks from our apple tree for my guinea pig. She takes the bark off but leaves the rest. However, it is fun to make kabobs from the sticks. I spear cucumber slices, green pepper, and...
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    Not Eating: Re: Friar Tuck's medical thread

    It’s so true about the losses, you remember every one in a different way and can’t help feeling sad. But the memories are so wonderful and always bring a smile.

    i think pet parents have a love for...
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    Injury: Re: Chippy Eye Removal

    I should have been more specific - some opioid pain meds can slow digestion. Metacam and carprofen are sometimes given for pain as well as gut stasis and they are NSAIDs so should not interfere with...
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    Hair Loss: Re: Guinea pig has bald patches. Help.

    You might check with the vet clinic to see if they can do a video appointment to start with. You will most likely still have to get an actual appointment at the clinic, but they would be able to...
  21. Behavior: Re: My piggy seems scared? He is very quiet and runs away.

    Guinea pigs can get spooked by any number of things. They are prey animals and always on the alert for predators. Has anything changed in the room? My guinea pig has been spooked by the vacuum...
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    Injury: Re: Chippy Eye Removal

    I think bugging him could turn out to be a good thing. As he moves around it helps digestion. Pain meds can slow digestion. I’m wishing the best for him and for your mom. You have your hands full...
  23. Water: Re: Guinea Pig struggling to drink from water bottle. Nozzle is too big?

    You might try hanging a shallow coffee cup on the side of the cage for water. I do this for pellets. It stays clean, can’t be tipped, and is easily reached.
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    Size: Re: How Many Piggies Can Be Housed in here?

    If it were me I would go with 4. They would love the space, it would be easier to clean and easier to be creative rearranging hideys and tunnels. And if you get an even number, on the chance that...
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    Injury: Re: Chippy Eye Removal

    I’m wishing all the best for Chippy and hoping that the surgeon can get this taken care of.
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