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    Where to Order?: Re: Pellets & Hay

    I am aware of the type of calcium in SPS, and my pets haven't had any problems from it. I believe that it could certainly be an issue for pigs prone to bladder stones, but I feed mine such a small...
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    Just found out my piggies is a male

    How old are they now?
    Is the breeder keeping them together until you get them?

    If he's only a few weeks old when you get him, they'll have to be kept completely separate for at least 3-4 months...
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    Where to Order?: Pellets & Hay

    I get all my pellets and hay from Small Pet Select. I used to use KMS, but I fell for all of SPS's marketing and pretty packaging. KMS has arguably the best pellet formula for pigs prone to bladder...
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    Re: Guinea pig bunk bed diy

    You definitely will need a support. I would bend (or cut, if you have the tools) a grid in half to attach the bunk bed platform to the grid above it. That would give support for a whole side while...
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    General: Re: There to noisy at night :/

    Piggies can definitely get used to loud noises and not be bothered at all. Mine are in the middle of the house with barking dogs, people playing loud instruments (trumpet, saxophone, piano, my...
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    Bonding: Re: Reintroducing a previously bonded pair

    I'm glad it worked out! In the future, you probably don't need to separate your piggies for something like that. If the other pig doesn't already have the URI too, it's very doubtful that they'll...
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    Cage: Re: expanding current cage

    To make it into a 2x5, you'll need two more grids and either a whole new coroplast base or an additional piece of coro to attach to the one you have.
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    Fleece: Digging underneath fleece? & Few questions!

    Before you invest in expensive custom cage liners, I would look into getting a larger cage. That one is less than 6 square feet, and even a single piggy does best in at least 8 square feet.

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    Newborn Pups: 3 Day old pups - help with gender please?

    2 and 3 definitely look like boys, I can't really tell for the first one. Males and females look very similar at this age but it will get more obvious once they're a couple of weeks old.

    Girls can...
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    Cleaning: How can i get rid of the odors

    You definitely need to be washing your fleece and towels at least once a week. Towels actually smell the worst out of all the absorbent layers I've tried. Wood pellets are by far the best bedding...
  11. Cleaning: Re: Cage cleaning, hay everywhere, and a few pics.

    That's really not acceptable for a pet sitter. If the bedding wasn't working for her, she should have contacted you rather then letting it get that bad.

    Use a 50/50 mixture of water and white...
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    Bonding: Reintroducing a previously bonded pair

    Introduce them the same way you would introduce any two piggies. Treat them as if they've never met before. Neutral open area, leave them together for a few hours, then into a spotlessly clean cage....
  13. Thread: Biting feet?

    by pigger123

    Feet: Re: Biting feet?

    One of my girls always chews/tugs on her nails after scratching herself with her back feet. As long as she's not hurting herself, I wouldn't worry about it.

    Bloat is definitely a serious cause...
  14. Skin Problems: Re: Brown splodges and a black mole thing on guinea pigs

    Can you post photos? It's a lot easier to tell what it might be if we can see it.

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  15. Bonding: Re: Bonding a new guinea pig to an already bonded pair?

    Age doesn't really matter at all with guinea pigs. Introducing her to your pair and taming her would be no different than with any other pig.

    Whether or not a trio would work depends a lot on...
  16. General: Re: New owner. Lap time and grooming questions.

    What a gorgeous piggy! She definitely looks part abby, mixed with a longhaired Peruvian or Sheltie.

    I would leave them alone for the first few days so they can get used to all the new sights,...
  17. Pregnant: Rescued Piggie Pregnant. back to back pregnancy :(

    I wouldn't bother trying to check her pelvic bones, it will just be uncomfortable for her and not very helpful for you. They don't separate until shortly before she gives birth anyway. If she's 8...
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    Pellets: Re: guinea pigs not eating new pellets

    I don't know why it's such common advice to introduce new foods slowly for guinea pigs. I have never heard of any piggy actually getting an upset stomach from it, and all my pets (piggies, rabbit,...
  19. Thread: Hello there!

    by pigger123

    Re: Hello there!

    Hello and welcome to the forum! Your piggies sound absolutely adorable, we'd love to see some pigtures!
  20. Re: How do I convince my parents to let me get a Guinea Pig with a cat and 2 dogs?

    I wouldn't recommend getting guinea pigs in such an unsupportive situation. They really should not be kept outside, and they can be quite high-maintenance and expensive.
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    Re: Charlie and Delta!

    A 2x4 will probably be perfectly fine for now, and certainly better than a pet store cage. :) Most people clean the cage once a week, but it might have to be more depending on what you use and how...
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    Re: Charlie and Delta!

    Hello and welcome! Charlie and Delta are adorable. I'm sure they'll love having some extra space in their new cage. I would actually do a 2x5 if you can, since males tend to be a little more...
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    C&C: Smuggle mum/dad?

    I actually don't like Uhaul that much, I probably wouldn't buy it again and I definitely wouldn't spend a lot of money on it. I'm sure others have had much better experiences with it though. If it...
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    Bedding: Re: Litter Box/Kitchen

    Wood pellets are fantastic and super cheap, typically $5-$8 for a 40lb bag that will last several weeks. They're probably the best bedding that exists as far as odor control and you can't beat the...
  25. Fighting: Re: Two dominant boars.. Is it just not meant to be?

    From everything I've heard, it's extremely difficult to get a boar trio to work. It's typically best not to intervene with most dominance behaviors, but I think you're doing the right thing by...
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