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  1. General: Re: Beginner pig keeper here, please give advice!

    Thanks for the advice! Cricket seems much happier :)
  2. General: Re: How Can I make Sure My Single Pig Gets Enough Attention

    Hi! My pig, Cricket, is 2 months old and a single pig. She's perfectly content in a 44 cage (I do plan on getting a second one, though). She did come from a store, but I did lots of research...
  3. Adopt: Re: Male piggie in El Paso looking for new home to run around in

    OH MY GOD HE IS SO CUTE. I would take him, but I only have a female and can't afford to get a second cage and also don't like neuturing pigs (assuming he's not neutered already?). I am looking for a...
  4. Replies

    Dominance: Re: New Guinea being chased

    Chasing but no teeth chattering can be a sign of your pig being playful, but not if it does it that often. I suggest starting over the introductions as well until Pink gets used to the new pig.
  5. Chewing: Re: My guinea pig ate yarn. What should I do??

    We all know that guinea pigs tend to do stupid things. My guinea pig once actually shocked herself by chewing on my phone charger -_- Just make sure no chords or plastic is within reach of her cage,...
  6. General: Beginner pig keeper here, please give advice!

    About a month ago, I got my first guinea pig. I can't remember what breed she is, but Cricket is blonde and white and has long, smooth fur. She was about four weeks when I got her, so she should be...
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