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  1. Thread: Ants!!!

    by ItsaZoo

    Frustrated: Re: Ants!!!

    The rain brings them out of the ground to the surface and it sounds like they found a place to go in your closet. We had a similar experience a few years ago with heavy summer rains. We're in a...
  2. Loss: Re: Guinea Pig got Bladder stones.. did I do something wrong?

    I'm so sorry you lost Mildred. Stones are a problem and there really isn't a sure-fire way to prevent them. You were feeding her a good brand of hay and pellets, but some pigs are just more prone to...
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    Sick: Re: Penicillin G Injections

    Is this the first vet that you saw? This one seems to be really working with you to get Smokey feeling better.
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    Possibly Pregnant: Re: Rescue Pigs Pregnancy Journey

    Congratulations on your new family! I hope everything continues to go well. It's so nice to have the rescue sponsoring little Augustus, and great for everyone that you are taking such good care of...
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    General: Re: Cute and funny things your GP do(es)

    I love the tunnel story! They can be so stubborn and indignant.

    Sometimes when I spot-clean the cage, Lacey gets huffy with the whisk broom. She jumps at it and kind of grunts. She also gets mad...
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    General: Re: Can I Lose my Piggies Trust?

    They usually don’t like their nails trimmed. But most of the time they can be bribed with a favorite food afterward and they get over it. Mine is moody and some days she has a fit about nail trims or...
  7. Hay: Re: Are my guinea pigs acting spoiled or is this hay actually bad?

    Mine does the same thing. As Bpatters said, hay varies based on the cutting. Right now the Oxbow Timothy I have is thick strands and fuzzy tops. So I mixed in some Kaytee Timothy, which is shorter...
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    Eyes: Re: Little Bear's ouchie eye

    The same thing happens with Lacey if she gets extra veggies, or if she's playing with the water bottle and drinking more than usual.
  9. How Much?: Re: If my piggies finish their pellets and veggies, what do I do?

    I give mine small amounts of veggies throughout the day, and scatter them in the cage so she has to forage. I also keep corn husks on hand, which I freeze in the fall. Like hay, they are good...
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    Behavior: Re: Guinea Pig is behaving very differently

    This really sounds like mites or some other pain or itching irritation. Does he have a large enough cage for exercise, at least 8 square feet?
  11. Re: hi all I used to be active here a couplen of years back but got in active

    Welcome back. I love the names of your guinea pigs!
  12. Sneezing: Re: Guinea pig sneezing even after talking medication

    Sneezing, coughing, and a clicking sound when breathing are classic symptoms of an upper respiratory infection. If that's the case, an antibiotic is needed as this is a serious illness that will not...
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    Fleece: Re: Worst fleece designs?

    I just read some of my previous posts and realized auto-correct is making me sound like I'm drunk!
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    Re: Not a guinea piggy mom any more

    That's really touching, Guinea Pig Papa. It's so hard to look past the pain and remember how much fun and happiness and joy you had over the years.

    You have my sympathy, 4cuca71. These little...
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    Blankets: Re: Crocheted/knit guinea pig beds

    If they don’t nibble on the yarn, I would think crocheted dividers hanging from the cage would be fun. I’m picturing hippy-type stings of flowers, or corner awnings with curtains that tie back.
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    Fleece: Re: Worst fleece designs?

    I can’t stop buying fleece. I love the color combos so I have lots of different colors. I go for brights and neons, but I made the mistake of getting a floral with a tiny black polka dot background....
  17. Behavior: Re: Baby guinea pigs afraid in their cage, not of us

    They are pretty young and will need time to get used to the sounds of the household. It’s so good that they were handled, they should be pretty social.

    It might help to have some calm music...
  18. General: Re: What to do when you're down to 1 pig and you aren't planning on getting more?

    How is your current pig doing on her own? Is she eating, maintaining weight, active in her cage, and interacting with you? I have a single pig who was alone when I adopted her from the Humane Society...
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    Injury: Re: Sore on baby guinea pig's ankle

    Swollen and painful sounds like an injury that has become infected. If this is on the hock area of the leg that touches the floor when your guinea pig sits in one place, it could be podormatitis. A...
  20. Behavior: Re: Random Loud Wheeking From a 3 month old baby male guinea pig

    If you could record it and post it here that might help. A popping sound coming from his nose when he’s just breathing is not normal and could indicate a respiratory issue.
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    Behavior: Re: Taming my piggies

    It’s important to be able to handle them. They usually don’t like being picked up and petting is something they learn to tolerate for the most part. If they will enter a tunnel or something similar,...
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    General: Re: Possibly pregnant? Fat?

    This site has good info regarding pregnancy and health:
  23. Hay: Re: Stan Lee hay, meadow hay, and Oxbow timmy pops?

    Standlee sells through Tractor Supply and Runnings stores. They have products for livestock as well as small animals. I’ve never tried their products so I don’t know about the quality.

    Hay seems...
  24. Thread: Recurring UTIs

    by ItsaZoo

    UTI: Re: Recurring UTIs

    That looks like an awful lot of blood, I doubt that's hormonal. When mine had blood spots it was just smears on the fleece, nothing close to this. I'm glad it hasn't happened again, but it would be...
  25. Fighting: Re: Piggie bullying his brothers and I canít fix it!!!!

    They should have multiples of everything, like water bottles, hay piles, pellets, and hideys. Their hideys should have two entrances, so one pig can't be cornered or trapped by another, that becomes...
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