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    Allergies: Re: Possible Timothy hay allergy.

    The brand of hay doesn't really matter, but if you find it too dusty and you may be allergic to timothy do consider having a discussion with your parents. Look for non-timothy hay options that come...
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    Lethargy: Re: Sort of lethargic guinea pig?

    1cc is 1ml.

    Some foods can cause pink urine, but strawberries aren't one of them.
  3. Thread: Tickles

    by Soecara

    Behavior: Re: Tickles

    Yawing is aggressive body language in guinea pigs it means "look at how big my teeth are, don't mess with me". They don't yawn when they are tired like us, they yawn as a warning before they bite.
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    General: Re: Funny Guinea Pigs Calls

    Mine is "hey piggy-pig" or "piggy-pigs", they know I have a treat when I say that.

    The other sound that always gets them going is the wheels of the hay bin on the wooden floor, or really any...
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    Behavior: Re: Questions About Diet

    You could give fresh grass as a treat, provided you have a good source of clean chemical free grass. Technically they can have as much as they want, but not immediately. You do need to slowly work...
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    Behavior: Re: Questions About Diet

    If a guinea pig is having issues with calcium in their urine from romaine I wouldn't recommend replacing the romaine with kale or parsley, as those vegetables are both quite high in calcium. The...
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    UTI: Re: UTI that's gotten worse!

    Has she been x-rayed for bladder stones/sludge? Id be worried there is something more going on with reoccurring UTI's.

    Have you got any small fleece pads? If you do it may help her to put one...
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    Weight Loss: Re: Baby guinea pig weight loss

    It takes a day or so for their milk to start to come in, so weight loss over the first day or two in the pups is expected and normal. She likely isn't interested in feeding them at the moment because...
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    Vet Costs: Re: Curious of prices in your area

    Also if the lump is an abscess (they are usually hard, but moveable, and develop suddenly) you may not need to have it removed either, you could instead ask the pricing on having it lanced (cut...
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    Adopt vs. Buy: Re: Impulse buyers, stupid questions, etc

    Obviously the best choice is to get from owners who can no longer keep them, or have accidentally had a litter, or from a rescue.

    However if none of those are reasonable options (as in not within...
  11. Bonding: Re: I want to add a 4th female guinea pig to a bonded trio

    I have rarely ever had issues adding sows to a group. There are of course exceptions, and not all sows get along. I have never found group size to impact whether or not sows get along.

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    Behavior: Re: Aggression?? Please help!!!

    If they had de-escalated the fight on their own, and no one is bleeding, then leave them together. They are at the right age to have some dominance struggles, so they are fighting to determine who is...
  13. Hair Loss: Re: 1 piggie out of 8 have a V spot on her back

    Bascially they say horses only so if you use it on something else and something bad happens you can't sue them. There are a couple dog breeds that are highly sensitive to ivermectin and using it on...
  14. Hair Loss: Re: 1 piggie out of 8 have a V spot on her back

    Yes 10mg/ml is a 1% solution. This is the right dosage chart for guinea pigs when using a 1% ivermectin solution

    A 15ml syringe is more then...
  15. Hair Loss: Re: 1 piggie out of 8 have a V spot on her back

    I would treat for mites first using ivermectin in your situation. Given the location and pattern of hair loss it has to be from her biting at herself, and the most likely cause is parasites. When you...
  16. Re: Cupcake, Cookie and Cali: Rescue Pets of the Week - St. Cloud Times

    No they are not roan. Roan has to be specifically solid white furs mixed in patches of colour, the only one of the three currently adoptable sows that even has any white on her at all is Cookie but...
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    Re: Autumn and Midnight are dead today

    My condolences for your loss.

    I have also lost more than one guinea pig to heat stroke in a single event, it was an unfortunate night in the middle of summer two years ago where my air conditioner...
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    Behavior: Re: Help with Anti Social Piggies!

    I'm not sure exactly what your personal expectations for a well socialised guinea pig is, but I can tell you no matter how much they trust you and like people there are some instincts that simply...
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    Say What?: Chirping, my observations

    So over the years I have had many guinea pigs who I have seen or heard chirping in my care. I have found over the past year one of my boars is a very active chirper. It took me a while to identify...
  20. Conditions: Re: New pig owners, lots of questions! Looks like lice already....

    They are not transferable to you or other animals, running lice are species specific.

    You don't need to do anything special to clean out the cage beyond what you usually do, they can't survive...
  21. Conditions: Re: New pig owners, lots of questions! Looks like lice already....

    The treatment for mites and lice is the same. You can use ivermectin without needing to see a vet, measure the dosage as per the information in the post bpatters linked, make sure to check the...
  22. General: Re: Just adopted two piggies, need advice on adjusting and health concerns

    Just keep a general eye on her, however from the kicking alone I wouldn't be too worried.

    More than likely she just doesn't like her sides touched. I had a sow like that, if you touched her sides...
  23. Thread: New here

    by Soecara

    Re: New here

    You can hold baby guinea pigs as soon as mum is finished drying them off, however it should only be for very short periods of time. They need to bond with their mother and will become distressed if...
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    Cage: Re: Buying Cages Online

    There is a cage on Amazon that I can see that does meet the size requirement AS LONG AS you also purchase the extension.
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    Weight: Re: Skinny Guinea pig

    Yes they may just be nervous, I would be more concerned if they haven't peed or pooped at all after they have been in the cage overnight. I wouldn't necessarily cover the whole cage, but certainly...
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