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    Adopt: Re: looking to adopt

    Hi George,
    There are a couple of recues around Scotland including the scottish spca. They have 2 guinea pigs in Abredeenshire.
  2. Hair Loss: bald patches on new pig, no scratching

    I got a new pig (Rosie) 3 weeks ago and have started introducing her to my other 3 pigs. I was petting her yesterday when I noticed her fur (she is a smooth hair with quite a glossy coat) was...
  3. What breed?: Re: Discovering your Piggy's breed/colors/pattern

    Thanks for replyinglol
    Gizmo does have a crest. sorry if the picture wasn't clear
    Twix has a tiny bit of brown around they edges of her back patches so she is probably a tricolour like you said....
  4. Adopt: Perth Western Australia - Found 2 Boars Abandoned, they need a forever home

    2 adult malepiggies. Very cute and SUPER chilled and friendly. I would keep them but i havefemales and they aren't castrated.
    They where foundlose next to a four lane road (a passer-by...
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      Cage: Re: Let's see your cage Pictures please.

    Here is my herds cage (2 girls and a sterilised boy)
    86552it is 2x6 base and a 2x4 loft with 2 ramps so they dont bump into one another and can do laps:D
  6. Size: Re: How Many guinea pigs to a 6x4 cage?

    Thank you :) I'll keep my eye out now for more girls
  7. What breed?: Re: Discovering your Piggy's breed/colors/pattern

    Here are my recues
    86547Twix, she's an Abyssinian of some description
    86548gizmo, I think he has a bit of agouti as his individual hairs on the dark areas are grey and silver
    86549Biscuit, she...
  8. Size: How Many guinea pigs to a 6x4 cage?

    I was just wondering how many piggies would live comfortably in my cage. it is a 6x4 base with a 2x4 loft. I currently have 3 rescue pigs in it (2 girls and a neutered boy) and was hoping to...
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