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  1. Fighting: Split my boys up? Is Mr Grouchy meant to be alone?

    I have 2 boys (2ish years old) that I rescued a few months ago. Han and Chewy. They've never really gotten along well, but no major fights so we expanded their cage and left them to figure themselves...
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    C&C: Re: Cage Expansion and Cleaning

    Thanks! I can't go out any more than the 4 squares (going to 5 would mean it would be in our walkway), so my only option is to go from 2X4 to 3X4. But I'm worried my short little arms won't be able...
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    C&C: Re: Cage Expansion and Cleaning

    Curious about this too! I have two boars in a 2X4, which is not enough for them, so I was toying with the idea of doing 3X4 but then how do I reach far enough to clean!
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    Behavior: Grumpiest piggie ever?

    Han is on his way to win the award for Grumpiest Piggie Ever :rolleyes:

    I just keep loving on him and his cage mate (Chewy, who follows Han's lead, so if Han is tooth chattering, Chewy will...
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    Cleaning: Re: How do I make my cage smell better

    Do they have a litter/kitchen area? That seems to be helping us with keeping the mess to one area of the cage. The rest is fleece. I just switched their litter over to wood pellets and I'm amazed at...
  6. Size: Re: I have a cage size delema -- what would you do in this situation?

    I've often read that the square footage required applies to the bottom level and top levels don't count... could you borrow wood from your planned second level to make your ground/bottom level...
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    Play: Re: Ideas for Hideaway/Hut

    I ended up making my own out of coroplast, since most of the store bought ones have only one entrance/exit which was causing cornering issues with my two grumpy fuzzbuts. They seem to really love...
  8. Re: New Canadian guinea pig mom to angry boys!

    The loft seemed to help with these two. There have been a handful of squabbles over the ramp, but mostly one has claimed the upper level as his, which gets them out of each other's hair.
    I also...
  9. Re: New Canadian guinea pig mom to angry boys!

    I guess my (unfortunate) follow up question is... if I CAN'T give them a bigger space, is it better to rehome them? I worry that there are already so many piggies that are looking for homes, they...
  10. Re: New Canadian guinea pig mom to angry boys!

    They're going to have to live with 2x4 for now while I try and dream up ways to shuffle my living room around (I'm downsizing kids toys, so I'm going to see if I can move them to a more spacious...
  11. Re: New Canadian guinea pig mom to angry boys!

    Hey! Thanks for alleviating some of my worry, I'm going to leave them well enough alone since I've tweaked their cage a bunch since we brought them home, they probably need a break from me futzing...
  12. New Canadian guinea pig mom to angry boys!

    Hello! Just joined this forum as I've recently (2 weeks ago) adopted two male guinea pigs who were in need of a new home. They're my first piggies so I'm currently researching everything I can get my...
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