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  1. Diet: Re: Finding calcium deposits on fleece, what should I cut back on?

    They are all older than 6 months now. I believe we have well water. It's never caused any issues before with any of our animals, pigs included. I'd have to guess its the pellets. As I said, I may be...
  2. Diet: Finding calcium deposits on fleece, what should I cut back on?

    Hey friends, it's been a while since I've been active around here.

    Anyway, I noticed today while sweeping the cage there are more white smears on my fleece than normal, and I'm a little concerned...
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    Vegetables: Re: Carrot Greens

    I occasionally feed carrot tops, when the store has them. My pigs love them. I don't give them so much anymore as my pigs aren't as young, but my vet did recommend them as an occasional treat, she...
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    What breed?: Re: Can 2 different GP breeds be siblings?

    I would have to say that unless a pig is bred by a breeder as a specific breed, and the lines can be traced back to prove that pig is this breed or that breed, then its most likely a hybrid of...
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    Size: Re: Do Guinea Pigs Benefit The Larger The Cage?

    Although your idea sounds lovely, I have to agree with peAchyteen. Guinea pigs should NEVER be housed outside. Most users here find a hand built C&C does the job pretty well for their pigs. Some...
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    Behavior: Re: Lonely guineapig?

    We used to bring our bunnies outside for a few hours every day in the summer, they had a nice large hutch that my dad hand built. My sister went out late afternoon one day to check on them and saw...
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    Vegetables: Re: Any other piggies do this with cucumbers?

    I always wondered why my pigs don't eat the middle part of the cucumber. They used to do this to the zucchini too, but now they eat the whole slice. Same with tomatoes, they leave the middle part....
  8. Grids Re: Grids from this site vs. Target, Walmart, etc.

    I use the whitmore white 4 cube pack from I couldn't find grids in any stores around here, so I had to order them online. But shippings free if you have them shipped to the Walmart store...
  9. Possibly Pregnant: Re: I don't know if she's pregnant please help!

    Can you post a picture or two? If she's pretty far along, we might be able to help you determine. But I would have to say if your vet (provided they are knowledgable) didn't seem to think she was...
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    Cage: Re: Is this cage suitable for 2 guinea pigs

    Unfortunately no, that cage is not big enough. It's like two pet store cages stacked on top of eAchother, and we don't recommend pet store cages of any kind unless under special circumstances. Pigs...
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    Re: Hello from Indiana

    Welcome. Your pigs are so cute. Congrats! :)

    bayni, don't feel too bad. You didn't know. Many people on this forum made the same mistake, including me, before joining. But now you know, and can...
  12. Thread: C &C Cages

    by HollyLeaf

    C&C: Re: C &C Cages

    I found mine in the back of store, near the door aisle, with all the plexiglass. I had to ask for it too, but luckily the employee I asked was experienced and knew what I was talking about. You may...
  13. Diet: Re: Two adults and one baby. Should I buy adult or baby pellets?

    Ugh, good lord I'm an idiot. Forgive me. Not the first time I've mixed things up. :P
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    General: Re: Sad yet excited at the same time!

    Sorry for your loss, but also congrats on the new girls. Would love to see pigtures when they're all set up!

    Ive wanted a silkie too since I got into the guinea pig hobby, haha. I am a sucker for...
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    Pellets: Re: How much calcium?

    What brand are they? You say they are for rabbits and pigs, or you have a rabbit and pigs and pellets for both? The only pellets really recommended here are oxbow and kms.
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    Re: New Guinea Pig Owner

    Welcome! It's always good to see new members looking for new info on how to better care for their piggies. I hope you find everything you need here. :)
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    Fleece: Re: Absorbent Layer Question

    I use uhaul under fleece, binder clipped to a sheets of coroplast that are like no sew fleece flippers. They work really nicely for me, and I didn't have to go to the trouble of sewing or purchasing...
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    Hay: Re: Timothy alfalfa kings hay

    Yes, I did mean calcium, thank you, lol. Derp moment.
  19. Diet: Re: Two adults and one baby. Should I buy adult or baby pellets?

    I give parsley on occasion, it's not harmful it just has a lot of C in it. I don't think a sprig once a week is going to do any harm. But you could try cilantro instead for a more common treat.
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    Hay: Re: Timothy alfalfa kings hay

    If your pig is older than 6 months than no, do not give it to him. Alfalfa is only good for young pigs and pregnant sows. Otherwise it has too much vitamin C for an adult pig.
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    Frustrated: Re: Naughty piggie peeing on hay

    I throw away more hay than they eat every single day. They really are picky about their hay, and which strands are actually good enough to eat. Yeah it's annoying but that's just how they are. Try...
  22. Puberty: Re: When do guinea pigs stop growing? Who will grow up bigger: male or female?

    My pig Maya has definitely gotten bigger and fatter since I adopted her over two months ago. She was a little over a year old when I got her. All pigs are different, some are bigger than others. They...
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    Behavior: Re: Information needed

    I would suggest trying uhaul moving blankets, if you can get them. They are so much better for absorption. They absorb the urine and then dry quick, so you don't smell anything for quite a while. I...
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    Sick: Re: My new piggie might be sick help!

    I'd have petco reimburse any medical costs since you just bought her from there and she came ill.

    And ditto peachyteen. Look into adopting next time. I'm not surprised the pig you purchased from...
  25. Fighting: Re: Should I introduce a new pig to a lone pig who has been separated due to fighting

    After they've been exposed to eachother, any illness that could be passed will have been passed already. So quarantine would just be a waste of time and space. But if for whatever reason you can't...
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