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  1. Behavior: Re: Pig is like catatonic. also not really eating

    The problem with ventilation isn't an issue of oxygen its about airflow to get rid of moisture and built up ammonia from their urine. Breathing in ammonia is not good for any respiratory system...
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    Adopting: Re: Guidance on type of new brother to adopt

    It probably isn't ringworm, it is much more likely to be a different kind of fungal infection. It should be possible to get a cream to put on the patches, you can start treatment on all of the...
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    Adopting: Re: Guidance on type of new brother to adopt

    That patch under his eye does look suspiciously like a fungal infection to me.

    Now it should be quite simple to treat if that is a fungal infection but given how close to the eyeball it is you...
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    Keeping Warm: Re: Keeping pigs warm during power outage

    Guinea pigs actually deal very well with the cold unless they are hairless. Guinea pigs have evolved to deal with the cold of the Andes mountains. There have been more than a few cases of guinea pigs...
  5. Possibly Pregnant: Re: Three recently adopted females possibly pregnant

    Yes Pocus's babies will likely nurse on the other sows when they have milk, if the other sows let them (if they don't want them to they will just chase them away). However they won't be able to do...
  6. Special Needs: Re: Issues with immune system and need special food

    Yes the essentials line is a better choice for fussy guinea pigs. It is great she already eats the vitamin C tablets from Oxbow.
  7. Special Needs: Re: Issues with immune system and need special food

    The best immune boosting foods are food that are well balanced in vitamins. Nothing suppresses the immune system more than being deficient in a nutrient. For this reason I would suggest instead going...
  8. Bonding: Re: Bonding - How Long for Introduction to New Pig

    Depending on what bedding you use, going a week with little or no poop scooping isn't necessarily a huge deal.

    Sure it leaves a mess for you to clean up at the end of the week, and isn't ideal,...
  9. Conditions: Re: Are my piggies' behaviours normal? I'm so worried.

    First things first the cage is much too small, it will be ok for now but they are going to get much bigger and it will be much too small very soon. They need to figure out who is dominant and they...
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    General: Re: Guinea pig possibly pregnant

    It would be best to act as if she is pregnant until it is proven otherwise. Yes she could be pregnant, just not as far along as the other girl, depending on how long the male was in with them.
  11. Introductions: Re: Introducing a male guinea pig to my two females

    Is the male neutered?

    Two sows and one neutered boar has worked well for me in the past, he liked both girls and they both liked him. My neutered boar is currently with three sows now, but he gets...
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    Sexing: Re: Please help me gender these 3 cubs?

    You can feel just above their genitals too, males have a bone in their penis and this can be felt as a firm line just under the skin. Females will not have this line.

    Here are also some photos of...
  13. Cleaning: Re: Real-world feedback on fleece cage lining, please!

    As long as when you test it water passes through it to an absorbent material then it is fine to use. New fleece usually has a coating on it that prevents the water from passing through so it instead...
  14. Cleaning: Re: Real-world feedback on fleece cage lining, please!

    The way fleece works is it acts as an upper dry layer that allows liquids to pass to a lower bedding layer that is absorbent. The fleece itself doesn't get wet so they aren't in a constantly damp...
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    Allergies: Re: Possible Timothy hay allergy.

    The brand of hay doesn't really matter, but if you find it too dusty and you may be allergic to timothy do consider having a discussion with your parents. Look for non-timothy hay options that come...
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    Lethargy: Re: Sort of lethargic guinea pig?

    1cc is 1ml.

    Some foods can cause pink urine, but strawberries aren't one of them.
  17. Thread: Tickles

    by Soecara

    Behavior: Re: Tickles

    Yawing is aggressive body language in guinea pigs it means "look at how big my teeth are, don't mess with me". They don't yawn when they are tired like us, they yawn as a warning before they bite.
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    General: Re: Funny Guinea Pigs Calls

    Mine is "hey piggy-pig" or "piggy-pigs", they know I have a treat when I say that.

    The other sound that always gets them going is the wheels of the hay bin on the wooden floor, or really any...
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    Behavior: Re: Questions About Diet

    You could give fresh grass as a treat, provided you have a good source of clean chemical free grass. Technically they can have as much as they want, but not immediately. You do need to slowly work...
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    Behavior: Re: Questions About Diet

    If a guinea pig is having issues with calcium in their urine from romaine I wouldn't recommend replacing the romaine with kale or parsley, as those vegetables are both quite high in calcium. The...
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    UTI: Re: UTI that's gotten worse!

    Has she been x-rayed for bladder stones/sludge? Id be worried there is something more going on with reoccurring UTI's.

    Have you got any small fleece pads? If you do it may help her to put one...
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    Weight Loss: Re: Baby guinea pig weight loss

    It takes a day or so for their milk to start to come in, so weight loss over the first day or two in the pups is expected and normal. She likely isn't interested in feeding them at the moment because...
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    Vet Costs: Re: Curious of prices in your area

    Also if the lump is an abscess (they are usually hard, but moveable, and develop suddenly) you may not need to have it removed either, you could instead ask the pricing on having it lanced (cut...
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    Adopt vs. Buy: Re: Impulse buyers, stupid questions, etc

    Obviously the best choice is to get from owners who can no longer keep them, or have accidentally had a litter, or from a rescue.

    However if none of those are reasonable options (as in not within...
  25. Bonding: Re: I want to add a 4th female guinea pig to a bonded trio

    I have rarely ever had issues adding sows to a group. There are of course exceptions, and not all sows get along. I have never found group size to impact whether or not sows get along.

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